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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snapshot: Currently Loving, April 2014

Hi. Let's talk about some fun things in April.

First, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that we adopted a new dog. 
New member of the family. Sheeba! 7 year old Cattle Dog/ Border Collie Mix.
She and Dennison are progressing; Dennison's a bit of a catdog, so he doesn't really know how to dog. She really likes him, though, and follows him everywhere. It's helping him stay occupied when we leave the apartment, which is excellent. We've been thinking about another dog, and the behavioralist suggested that it might be a good idea for Dennison. Sheeba is a sweetheart.

Next love: scented Sarasa pens. I like to write out my lecture notes, old-school style, and these come in fun colors and are tea-scented (e.g., "lemon tea, milk tea, grape tea etc."). Also loving the Exacompta journal (they're refillable). (You can find these things at Jetpens!).

I've also been dabbling in fun, bright spring shades for nails. Below: Dior Porcelaine, Lucky, Saint Tropez, Electric Blue; Sephora Formula X Astrolady (textured glitter, but for some reason, I really like it!) and Unstoppable.

Last thing: been collecting some fun jewelry pieces to brighten up work outfits (I try to dress like a grown-up for my lectures). I am liking these pieces from Olive + Piper (purchased during their April Fool's Day sale) and also these cute sterling silver bee studs from Tashi.

What have you been up to lately? The weather has been getting warmer (and fabulous!) and it's nice to be outdoors more and more. I'm also relieved to be putting away the heavy winter coats and taking out dresses and cute sandals. Any recent finds? How are you enjoying spring? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Wishlist, Larie-style

Fall Wishlist

Fall Wishlist by eyeheartit featuring a cable knit stocking
Fall is here, officially, I suppose. It's wet and dreary in Seattle today, so I have started looking for cold-weather options. We're clearing out the closets, too, so I feel like looking for some new, better fitting clothing is justified. I want: sweater dresses (so easy! So comfy!), cardigans, cords, grown-up pants (although I do love jeans), and colored tights - to go with those dresses. I would also like some comfy skirts for layering over tights. It's boots season, baby. Also, since my hair is long now, I want to have fun with it. Jazz it up. What are your favorite hair accessories? Help. I've never been a long-haired girl, so I have no idea what to do with the masses.

As far as beauty goes, I was looking at Philosophy's BB cream, mostly because it has only mineral sunscreen. As I've mentioned before, I feel like BB and CC creams are glorified tinted moisturizers, but hey - I like tinted moisturizers. I need one that's pretty dewy for the winter. I also want Dior Abricot (still on a nude nails kick), and more of Laura Mercier's caviar sticks for easy eyes. On the lipstick front, I love mattes, and Givenchy Le Rouge's semi-matte finish looks dreamy. I also like Laura Mercier's Rouge Nouveau matte formula (see it here), and it comes in this deliciously vampy wine (Muse).

What's on your cold-weather wishlist?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #6: There Are No Rules

Sure, there are plenty of guidelines, and plenty of things you really shouldn't do unless you want to be scorned forever more (e.g., wear shorts or mini-skirts with UGG boots. I don't get that at all. If it's hot enough for a mini, it's too hot for UGGs, no?). But everything else is up to personal preference, I'd say. For example, as a not-so-tall person (I'm 5'3", or 160 cm), I didn't think I'd be able to find a maxi dress that wouldn't puddle on the floor and overwhelm me. Also, I find that they're sometimes cut in unflattering ways.

Still, I wanted one, so I opted to order one from Target; it's a juniors dress in XS, so it actually doesn't sweep the floor! (Well. I have to wear wedges or higher sandals. But it's still something.)

Dress: Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Halter Maxi (Target)
Clutch: Target
Shoes: Xhilaration wedges (Target), sz 5.5
Earrings: Kendra Scott (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses: Burberry

This is actually a combo "things I've learned from fashion blogs" post, because everything I'm wearing here (except for the earrings and sunglasses) is from Target. I never thought I could find comfortable, casual, trend items at budget prices, but it turns can. (Duh, perhaps?) I've had these sandals for a year (I saw them on Extra Petite's blog and bought them based on her recommendation) and they're still in great shape.
I never know how to pose or what to do! S. was not helpful. "Don't you look at other people doing this all day?"  All day? Excuse me?
I'm happy. There's something very comfortable and summery about maxi dresses. I also feel very girly in them, for some reason. A few weekends ago, I switched out these sandals for Reef slippers, put the chain on the clutch, and went to the zoo like this!

What do you think? Fail? Do you like maxi dresses? Have you found any fabulous bargain items lately?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thinking About a Favorite Color

Top row, L-R: A England Tristam, China Glaze Skyscraper, Dior Tuxedo, Zoya Kotori
Bottom row, L-R: Dior St. Tropez, Zoya Kristen, Zoya Breezi, Dior Electric
Looking at this photo, it may be obvious that I have a problem. Or well, perhaps I won't have a problem, when it comes to that whole "something blue" thing. Unless it's: which do I wear? I love them all.

Many of you already know that I have soft spot for blue nail polish, although I am drawn to some shades much more than others. The bright, royal blue of Dior Electric, for example, is my favorite, and I wish it showed up more often in makeup. I understand that it can be a bit over the top on one's face, though, and it is very bright. In terms of nail polish, I tend toward true blues rather than teals, but there is one blue that I always avoid - that bright, yellow-toned blue, like A England's Order of the Garter. It's a beautiful, beautiful shade, but on my skin, it is unattractive and tends to look both sallow and shallow.

As I mentioned in yesterday's outfit post, I'm kind of in love with the color right now, and I have come to the realization that it really may be my favorite color - a good reliable standby. Sometimes you need a bit of brightness in your day - or your outfit - and I like this brand of blue. I do have some bright blue items in my wardrobe - the Target dress you saw, the coat in this post, a blue bracelet - but here are some other things that have caught my eye.
created with Polyvore
What about you? What color have you been loving lately?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #5: Mix Your Brights!

Belted dress: Mossimo Juniors Dress from Target
Cardigan: LOFT
Bag: Nine West
Sandals: BCBG
Sunglasses: Burberry
Or can you? Before, I would have paired this bright blue dress with neutral sandals and neutral - or blue - earrings. This time, though, I decided to go with red. Red earrings (you can't see them in this top photo), and red sandals. And red lipstick, of course.
Lip color: Dior Red Serum
I have found Target to have a few clothing pieces that are worth it; they're only trend pieces, after all, and I'm hardly going to spend $100+ on a dress that I will only wear for one or two seasons, at best. I prefer to invest in staples (shoes, outerwear, classic pieces like pencil skirts, slacks - that kind of thing) and then go very casual for my other items. Of course, it's not worth it if the dress is going to fall apart in a few washes, but I've purchased some other items from Target, and they seem to last fairly well. This dress was $18.00 - score!

Also, this dress has aided in my recent revelation; I've never had a favorite color, even though I've had colors that I've preferred. I change my mind too often to pin down a true favorite. But you know, I think royal blue might be it. After all, I collect things like this. A blue post is coming up - hold on to your hats.

Anyway, what do you think? Would you mix red accessories and a vibrantly blue dress? Should I have stuck to neutrals?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #4: Have Fun

You should have fun with your fashion choices. Take fashion risks! It's only clothes, after all. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Try again. Fashion should be fun (excepting work environments and office-appropriate ensembles, of course).
Sorry for the craptastic quality of the photos; it's winter here and that means nonexistent light. I don't know how the fashion bloggers do it. S. says I look like a flying squirrel in the second photo. Flying squirrels are cute, right?
poncho: Gigi and Eddie (Nordstrom Rack)
White long-sleeved shirt: GAP
Skinny jeans: American Eagle
boots: DKNY
purse: Prada

I wore a poncho. It's quite fun, actually. We were at the mall, and nobody flashed their "Fashion Police" badge at me, so I assume it went okay. I like ponchos. I think everyone should have one. They're also warmer than I thought they'd be.

The poncho is from Nordstrom Rack. My mom bought it for me when we were shopping together last year - she thought it'd be cute, and I agreed. I knew I'd wear this, but I didn't know how often I'd pull it out, so it's a good bargain buy. Turns out, it's getting getting pretty regular wear. Score one for the poncho!

On a side note, my hair. It's not my usual cut, and I've since had it corrected. The stylist I used to have moved, so when I cut my hair (after trying to grow it out again), I had a new one, and we've been working on getting it back to my old style. It's a work-in-progress, but I adore the new stylist also, so I think we'll get there. Or to something better. Hair grows out again, no biggie.

So, what about you? Would you rock a poncho? Do you think I look absurd? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Closet Revamp Project

Reading fashion blogs makes me want to have all kinds of stylish, classic pieces in my wardrobe.  This, coupled with the "blah" doldrums feeling I've been getting every time I look into my dresser drawers or in my closet, makes me feel like my wardrobe needs to be revamped.  I need to get rid of things that don't fit well - and never fit well.  I need to get rid of things that were trendy once, but are now too worn and out of date, and also, I need to stop buying items like that - things that lose their quality too quickly, or are too quickly dated.  I think I'm doing a lot better job with that.

This post at Stylepint inspired me to make a list of closet staples - things I want to keep, and look out for when I make my purchases.  I think I need to get organized, so that I will also stop spending needless money.  I also need to learn how to mix and match a lot better - use my pieces in multiple ways; dress-up and dress-down with the same shirt and pants combo, for example.

I don't know how to describe my fashion sense, so I won't try.  You can maybe try to a get a feel for it by looking at my list here.  And, please let me know what's on your list of closet staples, or must-have items of clothing.  I always love to hear about everyone's different tastes - it's what makes fashion so much fun.  I'm just listing twenty items here, so I don't get carried away.

The Closet Revamp Project: Larie's Ultimate Closet
1. Leather jacket
2. skinny jeans
3. flared jeans
4. nude pumps
5. wedge sandals
6. boots - black, brown, rain boots, colored
7. colorful dressy blouse
8. black trousers in a nice, well-cut material and shape
9. lightweight blazer
10. casual jacket
11. pencil skirt
12. casual sundress
13. more formal dresses, like for a upscale restaurant
14. basic tank tops for layering
15. basic black leather belt and a fun trendy belt
16. lightweight cardigans
17. a pair of sneakers
18. pair of booties/other dress shoe - not a sandal/pump
19. A-line skirts, casual
20. thin camisoles for layering

What do you think?  I also bought a romper from Target a little while ago, and I love it!  It's so fun and casual and summery, though I wouldn't count it as a staple.  What are your closet staples?  What pieces do you invest in, and what do you buy from cheaper, trendy stores?  What are your favorite places to shop?

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #3

Accents of color can really make an otherwise monochromatic outfit pop!
Sorry for the bad lighting; I had to stay inside so I could use the kitchen counter and the camera's timer - S. is busy writing a paper.
I have a love-hate relationship with this dress; love, because I adore the cut and the pattern and the lightweight, breezy, soft material.  Hate, because it's too big - I don't have much to keep it up, if you know what I mean - and it constantly slips down.  It's a cheap buy from American Eagle (I think I got in on sale a few years ago) but I've only worn it once or twice because of this.  Anyone have an idea of how to keep the bust part from slipping down?  No expensive alterations, please - it'd be more costly than the dress itself!
Anyway.  White, gray, black dress + pops of red and coral = fun and summery.  The straw braiding on the sandals and the brown handle of my Longchamp bag integrates well, keeping things a little more casual.  My sandals are red, my bag is a reddish coral, and I wore bright red earrings.  My makeup was mostly neutral (nude eyes with black winged liner, soft coral lips), with another pop of color (MAC's Frankly Scarlet blush).  I could really have used a statement necklace (or bigger earrings, since I actually really don't like necklaces) to interfere with all the blank space at the top of the strapless dress, but I didn't have anything like that.

In the past, I prolly would have opted for black/white sandals, black earrings, a black/white purse - that is, keeping with the dress' color scheme rather than picking a contrasting color.  It's not to say that that method is wrong; both are good, just different. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #2

Chambray is stylin'!  (Or, give all types of materials a chance, even ones you would typically have avoided, like chambray).

Here's one of the clothing items I bought at Target a few weeks ago: Merona Petites Shirtdress - Gray Chambray (at Target here), for $17.48 (it's even cheaper now - $12.48!). I bought it in a small, and the tie right below the chest helps give it more shape.  It's a very comfortable material, and so budget-friendly!  One of my new favorites.
dress: Target
purse: Jessica Simpson*
black leggings: American Eagle
boots: DKNY

*Don't judge me!  There's a story!  We had gone to Pennsylvania for the holidays, and I realized that I had forgotten to pack a purse.  I couldn't find anything I liked in any of the department stores, so when I saw this at TJ Maxx, I scooped it up.  It's actually pretty cute, and usually keep the "JS" logo on the tag flipped around, haha.  It also doesn't look like cheap material, and is sturdy and has a good number of pockets. 

Here's the bag close up, as well as some of the accessories I wore.

sunglasses: Oakley Beckon
bracelet: Swarovski "Lucky You" Montana Ball (see here), gifted by S.
earrings: ??? gifted by my mum
I wore this to go shopping yesterday, on Memorial Day - there were some great sales!  Of course, I was very appreciative of people who reminded me what the holiday was really about - thanking the men and women who dedicate their lives to our country.  Cheers to them, and the memories of those who have come before us.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I've Learned From Fashion Blogs #1

Belts are more than just a means to keep your pants from falling off.  They're an accessory, and should be styled as such.
blouse: H&M
skirt: Banana Republic
belt: from a Charlotte Russe blouse
sandals: Nine West
handbag: Nine West

This is prolly going to be an ongoing series up mine (though I don't know how often I'll update it), showcasing fashion tips and style tricks I've picked up from fashion blogs.  There are lots of ways to wear the same pieces that I never would have considered if not for the fashion gurus, like this one!  I've always only worn this skirt with a long blouse over it, but I think it's cute like this, too - and it makes me feel more stylish.

Here's a close up of some of the day's accessories:
sunglasses: Burberry
earrings: ??? (stolen from my mum, I think, haha)
lipstick: MAC Hot Tahiti (review here)
(And I wore this variation of a neutral eye look)

So, what fun things are you doing this holiday weekend?  Yesterday we just ran errands and stuff (this outfit is from yesterday), but today we're heading north to the wine tasting rooms!  We've been up to a couple of them before, and it's always a lot of fun - tasty wines, and beautiful landscapes.  Let me know what your fun plans are!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wishlist

It's Wednesday, and I have so many things to do this week.  But I'm slacking today - I'm hungry already, and it's not even lunch time.  I need more snacks in my office, I think.  Anyway, making lists kind of cheers me up (I like lists.  Am I crazy?)  Here are some things on my wishlist:
Guerlain's meteorites, in Teint Dore, because I want to be radiant and glowy. 
image source:

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20, in Cream (because I need yet another foundation-type thing)
image source:
image source:
Yes.  Another foundation.  Eventually, I'll need a foundation that photographs well. (Wedding?)
image source:
Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki!  I want one for my powder foundation...the kabuki I had is now itchy and scratchy and not good.  Not good at all.  I like the Ecotools blush brush I have, so I figured I'd give this a try.

MAC lipstick in Darkside, because I want a vampy color (that I would never be brave enough to wear!)
image source:
Non-beauty related:
Pandemic! Lately the boy and I have felt a need for more board games.
image from:

medicine ball!  Maybe 10-14 lbs.  We train with them at kickboxing, and they would be good to have at home for workout sessions - ab moves, squats, etc.
image source:

And now we have the straight-up impossible (at least with my current salary :P):

Dior Cannage Stitch Peep Toe Pump in Rosato Noir, Fall 2011 (image from

What do you think?  Do you have any of these (if you have those shoes, I'll be so jealous!  Haha) What's on your wishlist?

Monday, April 25, 2011

We Really do Need Standardized Women's Sizing

Please read this article.  It really frustrates me that women constantly have to guess at their clothing size, because it varies so much from store to store.  This is a result of vanity sizing, as they call it, and the fact that different stores seem to have different ideas of what a valid size range should be.  Why can't we be like men, and just have our measurements as sizes?  I understand the reason behind this: maybe a woman doesn't really want to be hit over the head with a "40-in" waist size tag on her pants, but wouldn't she be so much happier if she at least knows not to bother with the arbitrarily assigned size 8, or 10, or 16, or whatever?  Isn't that even more demoralizing?  You have to go through the agonizing - and time-wasting - practice of trying on a full range of sizes, just to see where you fall in this store's schema. 

I won't pretend that I know my own measurements - I've never bothered to have anything tailored, and so I have never had my measurements taken.  This will prolly change very shortly, when I have to start shopping for a wedding dress (I'm putting it off as long as possible), but I really do feel like it's something I should have done - get my measurements, I mean - I just haven't gotten around to doing it.  However, if all of my clothing was dictated by these measurements, I prolly would know them. 

It's a lot easier to shop for men's clothing, you know.  Look for the proper waist size (in inches, here), proper length (also in a tangible, standardized number), and shirts - also regulated by arm length, etc.  Whereas we have to deal with "XS, petite XS, XXL, M, size 8, size 2, size 16."  What do those numbers/labels even mean?  I like to shop, but I hate trying things on (especially if I'm wearing jeans tucked into knee boots, or something.  Come on.  Do you know how irritating it is to take those off and put 'em back on in a hurry?) and it'd be nice to know that something would just fit, damnit.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have trouble finding your size across stores, or do you have it all down pat?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Blog?

I subscribe to a lot of fashion blogs by RSS (yay for Google Reader!) and it's made me want to participate on my own, as well.   Seeing all of the fabulous outfits that people put out there has also made me a little more conscious of the things that I throw together and call outfits.  It's also making me consider my shopping philosophies more carefully.  Do you like to invest in expensive but well-made staples, or would you rather buy a lot of cheaper trend items?  I think most people do a mixture of both.  I usually do, though there are some things I do tend to splurge on, like boots and coats.  Those items seem to be more resistant to passing fads, and really, you need good shoes (i.e. well-made, sturdy, not destructive to your feet) and durable coats are a must in bad weather.

Today, however, it was sunny and beautiful!  Is it finally spring?  I hope so!  I know it is officially spring tomorrow, at least in this part of the world, but the weather in the Pacific Northwest is not always very cooperative.  To take advantage of the weather, we went to the outdoor mall nearby, where we both indulged a little (Sephora for me, joint ogling at Crate & Barrel, purchase of a French press and burr coffee grinder, etc).  I poked around a little in J.Crew and Free People, but nothing really caught my eye.  I do, however, want to share what I wore - it may be fun to do a little bit of fashion blogging.  Or at least, try to.  So, here we go.  Picture by S. 

  Trench: Banana Republic
Skinny jeans: American Eagle
Boots: DKNY
Handbag: Prada
Sorry, I have bad posture and it's not a very pretty environment (our doorway, hah!) but I am a little self-conscious about this whole photo thing.  It would have been nice to go outside and take some pictures on the lawn, but...there were people outside.  Hahaha.  I'm shy.  I'll try to stand straighter next time, and actually, you know, face the camera.  Thoughts?  Any comments/helpful advice would be much appreciated :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Seven: Mrs Black

I saw this on The Knotty Bride, and my jaw nearly dropped off.  These dresses are so gorgeous!  The Sarah Seven website is here, and I spent a good while flipping through the Spring 2011 bridal collection.  5% of all sales go to good charities, too!  Take a looksy.  They're so pretty - even if they're out of my price range.