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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Snapshot: Currently Loving, May 2014

[Products were purchased by me, except for *, which was a gift from a friend]

Some beauty and non-beauty things I'm loving lately:

Guerlain's Terracotta Le Parfum, limited edition for Summer 2014. I have a soft spot for white florals, and this is so pretty. So, so pretty. I splurged on this and I have no regrets. It's a creamy white floral with a feminine, whisper-soft vanilla-musk dry down. It's gorgeous. If you are going to indulge in a summer perfume, I highly recommend this one.

And MAC Lady Danger...I don't think it needs much of an explanation, does it? (Best of all? Shouting "I'M LADY DANGERRRRRRR" at S. Hahaha). Also, white or pastel or neon nails. LOVE. Some of the ones I've been wearing lately: Zoya Marley, Zoya Purity, Dior Spring BallSaint Tropez, Electric Blue.

I've also been experimenting with simple, metallic bobby pins (cheapies from Goody) in interesting ways - trying to actually do cool things with all this long hair, now that I have it. Any fun tricks to share? I've also been playing around with a cheapy Conair curling iron - it's quite fun!
Clarins 02 Candy cream blush* is a warm pink that looks really natural and lasts all day. I wasn't crazy about it when I first received it (from a charming friend), but I've been reaching for it more and more lately.

The Sonia Kashuk illuminator is the answer to my search for a liquid luminizer. You have to shake it vigorously, but it's nice. Not too frosty. Not too cool. Review in a bit.

I've also been shopping. I've been doing some closet cleaning, getting rid of items that were too big or scraggly or things that I never wear and wanted to keep around anyway...for whatever reason. I've been loving bright shades (most of my wardrobe at the moment is black, beige, navy blue...) and I've been dabbling in neon corals and pinks and sea greens - colors I've always loved, but never thought to wear, for some reason.
Strawberry daiquiris at home (with vodka, not rum), some orange/coral beauty items, and new clothes from Express. The dress is for a wedding I need to attend (as are the Vince Camuto shoes in the above photo).
Lastly, we always like to eat well chez nous, and we are indulging in the new summer fruits and cool summer beverages. Orange/coral/strawberry are the colors of summer, obviously.

What are you loving lately? Any great recipes or finds to share?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Makeup Favorites (2013 Edition)

[Products in this post were purchased by me, except for *, which was won in a brand-sponsored giveaway on Twitter, and **, which was a gift from a friend.]

I knew I said I wouldn't be posting as much, but I find myself needing a break every now and again, and what better than to put together a blog post? I already did a feature on my summer skincare products, so I thought I'd do a roundup of the colored cosmetics that I'm enjoying this summer (I was inspired by Danielle). I surprised myself by reaching for a lot of baby pinks and neutrals, in addition to my usual oranges and reds. I've also been reaching for cream textures.
Erm. Spot a theme? Or two?

Eyes: (L-R) Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Sandglow, Tarte Gold, theBalm Nude'Tude** Stand-offish
I never used to like cream shadows, but Tarte's Gold convinced me that some of these pencil formulas can be easy to use (blends out well before setting), and last. Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick in Sandglow is also a nice formula. Both of these only last all day with primer or with a powder shadow layered over them - I prefer the latter method. They make a nice alternative to a colorless base, and add complexity to a look. Along with them, theBalm's Stand-offish marks my return to champagne shades for an all-over lid wash that brightens my face.

Cheeks: Guerlain Sunny Pink Sun Shimmer*, Dior Capri Diorblush Cheek Creme, Marcelle EnchantmentIllamasqua Libido

It's been cream blushes all the way, baby! I sometimes layer a similar powder shade over cream to increase lasting power, or if I feel like the extra fuss is warranted. I already professed my love for Dior Capri, and I've fallen back in love with the coral Guerlain Sunny Pink, as well. Marcelle Enchantment is a lipstick, but I find that it works beautifully as a cream blush. Illamasqua Libido is a nice orange, and I often layer MAC Honey Jasmine over it for a little more dimension.

Lips: (L-R) Dior Lucky Addict Extreme**, Dior Red Serum Rouge de SerumMAC Rising Sun Cremesheen gloss, Dior Bed of Roses gloss

Ah, lip products. Happiness for a bandit. Dior Lucky is still in rotation despite its blatant pink-ness, and Bed of Roses is a slightly warmer, glossy counterpart. Red Serum (why yes, I like Dior lip products) is the perfect juicy red for summer, and MAC Rising Sun is a brightening, sheer orange on my lips.

My favorites this summer have been pretty different than my picks in past summers, though I can't remember them, and this is the first time I've actually done a round-up post. I've been really into cream products lately, though, and it doesn't seem like this cream craze will end any time soon. Funnily enough, I'm not that excited about fall right now, even though it's my favorite season. I'm having a great time running around in sandals, shorts, and clean, simple makeup.

What have been your go-to products this summer? Anything I need to check out?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 17 - 23

Last week's goals:
  • use white eyeliner as a base
  • layer lipstick and gloss - experiment with combinations!
  • use lipstick as blush
White eyeliner of choice: Tarina Tarantino Crystal Gun. I picked it up on sale when Sephora was clearing out their products. I kind of like it and wish I had picked up more (I only bought one other, a turquoise). I layered it under the green shade from Shiseido YE406 - on the lower lashline and the lid - which made it a smidge brighter. I was aiming for color, and it was very cheerful! I filled out the rest of my face with peachy orange tones - Dior Aurora, MAC Fresh Honey, and Makeup Forever N37 + Revlon Gold Dust on lips. (oh, see that? Layering lipstick and gloss, too!)
My hair likes to photobomb me. Whatever.

This next look combines the other two tasks: layering lipstick and gloss, and using lipstick as blush. Bottom line? Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Cleopatra makes a really good blush. Creamy and easy to apply, and it lasted all day as a lovely fuchsia flush. Excited to try one of the other Rouge Xpressions in this manner! It's like one of those fancy lip/cheek sticks!
Could have used more eyeliner in this look. Ah, well.

Layered Revlon Super Lustrous Coral Reef gloss over Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Cleopatra on lips; layered Guerlain Sunny Pink* over Cleopatra on cheeks. Sticking to the peach and pink theme, I used Rapunzel Had Extensions on eyes, with just a little bit of Urban Decay Woodstock in the center of the lid. It was a very colorful look, but it was cheerful and I rather liked it.

Well, that's it for this week. (Also, I swear I own more than one scarf, but that happens to be the one I wear when I take photos, I guess.) One more week, and then I get to give all of this "being creative" nonsense a break, ha! 

*won in a brand-hosted giveaway on Twitter
[If you are reading this on any other site besides Eye Heart It, it is stolen content and should be reported. Thank you!]

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Summer FOTD: Even Less Makeup!

If pressed, I could probably do this face in five minutes. So I guess that qualifies it as a "five-minute face." #fistpump (which is much easier than a victory lunge, thank you very much. Less stress on the legs. I'm lazy).

As the summer heat gets more intense here in Seattle, my desire to wear tons of makeup decreases. I've been focusing on power lips (like this vampy lipstick) or an easy, fresh-faced look. I've got the second up for you today.

First comes skincare and all that jazz, but when I'm ready for the makeup, it goes this way: Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light on the undereye area and other problem spots, buffed out with MAC MSFN in Medium.
I add some color to my face with Dior Aurora, using that 3-shape method with a fluffy brush. I pat some Guerlain Terracotta Sun Shimmer Highlighting Blush in Sunny Pink on the apples of my cheek, blending out into the cheek bone (with my fingers or a stippling brush), and then work on my eyebrows with theBalm's Nude'Tude palette and MAC Brow Set in Clear.

Then, eyes. I quickly smudge some NARS primer on the lid, and then use a Clinique quad in Teddy Bear (rescued from the blog sale pile) to create a matte, natural look. I finish with mascara; this time, it's Guerlain's Noir G*.

For lips, I apply Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Flush and top off with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for that added SPF 15 and a glossy sheen. There. Ta-da!
Not the most polished or glamorous face, but I feel comfortable and natural :)
What are your tricks for keeping your summer face fresh and beautiful during the heat?

*received as a free sample during a company Facebook promotion

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Penguin Challenge Week 3: White + Color

I wanted to do another color that I have trouble with for week 3, because it's a challenge, right?
So I chose purple. And lemme tell you, for someone who doesn't like purple eye shadow, I apparently have abso-freaking-lot of it.
Surprise! Why so much purple???
I don't know how that happens. comes out of the walls, or something. (Can you imagine how creepy that would be? Purple eyeshadow, tumbling from the walls...glitter everywhere. Oh goodness).
NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base
theBalm Nude'Tude palette
Sassy (pearly white)
Stila Pro Artist Palette No 1 (dark purple shade), Shiro Cosmetics
Rattata, Silk Naturals Jean Queen*
Annabelle Smudge Paint in Plummed (thanks, Tracy! :D)
Guerlain Noir G mascara**
So I guess purple's not that scary. Purple that is blue-based, that is. Red-based purple still freaks me out. Well I guess all purple is red- and blue-based, but you know what I mean. 
And there we go! That rounds out the challenge. As always, please check out the other looks! I'm excited to see what everyone else came up with.

*Item received from company for evaluation.
**Item received as a free sample during a brand-sponsored promotion.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bronzed, Baby

The weather here this month has fluctuated between wildly warm and sunny (well, for Seattle), and dreary and wet. It's not quite summer here yet, but I've been really loving the bronzed, beachy look lately - I'm trying to channel summer anyway, damnit! - so I thought I would show you what I've been using to achieve this effect.
This may seem like a lot of stuff, but rest assured, I don't use all of it at once! 

I wear Clinique City Block SPF 40 every day, over Clinique's moisturizer. But after that, I start with Dior's tinted moisturizer, because it gives my skin that dewy finish, is ever so slightly darker than my actual skin color, and provides good coverage. Since I don't really like the "glistening" skin look, I buff a little bit of MAC MSFN in Medium all over my face, to tone down the dew.
Bare Escentuals Kiko also makes a beautiful - if unorthodox - cheek color.
And then it can go in two directions: metallic eyes, or shimmery cheeks. Not both, because I don't want to overdo it. If eyes, I spray a bit of MAC Fix+ (thanks, Tracy!) on my brush; this turns the Sephora baked shadows into cream shadows. They apply beautifully with a metallic sheen. I finish with black winged liner and something like Urban Decay Bourbon. For a simpler look, I just put a single wash of Bare Escentuals Kiko all over the lid (a great, shimmery gold), and top off with winged liner. If the eyes are the focus, I just gently sweep Dior Aurora all over my face, with perhaps an extra bit of Tarte Hotel Heiress on the apples of my cheeks.
All swatched heavily with a finger.

If I'm going with bronzy, shimmery cheeks, I keep the eyes matte and simple. Then I contour with Tarte's Hotel Heiress, and highlight the cheekbones with MAC Whisper of Gilt. I also highlight the bridge of my nose, and dust my forehead and chin lightly for an all over glow. Alternatively, I stipple a bit of Guerlain's Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer in Sunny Pink on my cheekbones for color + glow.
These are the brushes I use. The fluffy Sephora brush is used with the MAC MSFN. The Sephora agld blush brush is for, well, contouring, with bronzer, and also with the golden highlighter. The Ecotools blush brush is for applying bronzer/blush to the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones (which is actually where I take my blush). I've also used it for highlighting, so really, which brush I use for what depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

I usually keep lips simple here, which is why I haven't featured any lip products, as this look is more about the rest of the face. Sometimes I'll go with just simple balm (Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment), or sometimes I'll go with my MLBB lipstick (Dior Primrose Crystal). You can also go bolder; MAC Heroine would be a fun choice.

Last thing. I have been trying to dust Dior Aurora all over my face for a golden, warm, glow, but this is a recent experiment; I do have to confess that I'm a bit confused by bronzer. I gather that I am supposed to put it all over my face in this manner, to create that warmer skin tone, but even if I take it down onto my arms and legs are still going to be pale pale pale. Am I supposed to be using an all-over-body tanner? I refuse. Does that defeat the purpose, then? As I've said, I've been trying it and it doesn't look so bad, but I apply it all over the face with an extremely light hand. Normally, I just use bronzer on the cheekbones and bridge of my nose. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! How do you feel about the "bronzed" look? What are your favorite products to achieve this effect?

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Guerlain Gem

Guerlain runs a giveaway on Twitter, called Tuesday Tips. You tweet a question during the allotted time, and that enters you into the giveaway for a random Guerlain prize. A few weeks ago, I won one, and was quite ecstatic. I was even more thrilled when I received my prize: one of the new Terracotta blushes for summer. The full name appears to be, "Terracotta Sun Shimmer Highlighting Blush" (a mouthful, to be sure); I received Sunny Pink.*

It's a liquid blush and comes in a slim pump, which is delightful. The pump is easy to control, so you don't have to worry about squirting out insane amounts of product. You can get as much or as little as you want. The consistency is light and fluid, but sets down quite nicely after a few moments. It's not so quick that you can't blend it out, but it does dry down so that you don't have to worry about it looking, er, moist. Moist is not a good look, you know?
On the left, a heavy swatch, blended out some. On the right, simply smeared out so that you can see the color of the liquid when it's first pumped out. It's quite shimmery.

Sunny Pink is a rather coral-esque, peachy pink, with lots of tiny gold shimmer. It reminds me a bit of NARS Orgasm, I suppose, although I've never swatched that personally, and the shimmer here is far finer than in that powder blush. This is also more pink. I suppose it's just the peachy-pink + gold shimmer idea that reminds of the (in)famous O-blush. Really, with the amount of shimmer in Sunny Pink, and the way you can sheer out the color, I think this product probably qualifies more as a tinted highlighter than as a blush.
Blended out fully, in direct sunlight. You can see all the shimmer!

At first I was a bit startled, because holy moly, it's shimmery. If you apply with your fingers, it will look pretty much like the above swatch on the left (that's a bit heavier than I'd use for my cheeks, but it's the same general ratio of color + shimmer). I've taken to applying with a stippling brush; I still get the pink color, but far less of the shimmer. If I wanted to amp up the drama, though, I'd apply with perhaps a foundation brush or fingers. Either way, it's very lovely. It starts off relatively sheer, but is buildable. However, adding on more color also adds on more sparkle, so there is a limit to how boldly pink it can be.

Because of that, I initially wasn't really impressed with the color (aren't there enough NARS Orgasm wannabes out there?). However, the texture and ease of use elevates this one; it's fluid and not sticky, easy to apply and the sparkles aren't chunky or flaky like they can be in powder blushes. After using it a few times, I've decided that it's one of those products that just kind of completes the look, if you know what I mean. The shimmer is just right and highlights my cheeks so that I look a bit more sculpted. I've tried this alone, and over another blush, varying the intensity, and I'm quite pleased. It's the perfect summer item.

If you're not a fan of shimmer, I'd definitely skip; I don't think this is in any way a must-have. At $41, it's right up there with Guerlain's other luxe, pricey items. It also has the signature Guerlain cosmetics scent (which I actually like, it appears), though it fades upon application. But if you like liquid blushes - and highlighters, because it really is more of a highlighter - and are looking for an exquisite summer treat, this might be it.

*Item was received as the prize in a sweepstakes-style Twitter contest sponsored by Guerlain. This is not a paid or prompted review.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Foundation Swatches

Here are the promised foundation swatches.  I was almost alarmed by how different some of them are.  I've reviewed the Guerlain here, the YSL here, the Tarte here, the Dior here, and the Chanel here.  I used the Bobbi Brown for a while at some point, but it's a bit too yellow, and the finish is unremarkable.

Here's the lineup.  I'm primarily a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer girl, though I do use a powder in the summer (Estée Lauder).  My favorites in here are the Dior tinted moisturizer and recently, the Chanel; those are probably the only ones I use with any sort of regularity.  I *think* the Guerlain oxidizes on me - or is a little too pink after all; the YSL is fairly heavy, Tarte's doesn't really do...anything, and I already told you how I felt about the Bobbi Brown.
Chanel Perfection Lumière, YSL Teint Radiance, Tarte Smooth Operator, Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation, Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint

My shades are, L-R, 20 Beige, 04 Sand, Agent 06, 4.25 Natural Tan, 02 Beige Clair, 1 Natural.  All of these contain some sort of SPF rating.

Doesn't the Bobbi Brown look shockingly orange?  Eep!  You can see that the Guerlain is also a little bit too pink for me, and it tends to show up pinky orange in some lights, too.  The Dior looks a bit dark here, but since it's a tinted moisturizer, it blends very well into my skin and actually doesn't look too pink on me.  The YSL is the lightest, and tends to show up very white in photos, which is a bit alarming.  You can see that the Chanel is probably the best match color-wise for me, too.
Here's one with flash, just for kicks.

As far as texture goes, the YSL is the thickest, and Guerlain and this Bobbi Brown are the most watery.  The Dior tinted moisturizer is not as wet - almost more creamy - and Chanel's also has a thicker consistency.

In terms of coverage, Tarte's is the sheerest, and YSL is the heaviest, I think, though the Dior gives pretty impressive coverage for a tinted moisturizer.  Chanel falls in the middle somewhere.

And, we'll finish with: finish (ha!): Chanel's is powdery, semi-matte, and natural.  YSL's is matte and not as translucent as the Chanel, but still glowy.  Tarte's Smooth Operator isn't really noticeable to me - very, very natural and sheer.  The Bobbi Brown Natural Finish is um, natural - not matte or dewy or even polished - and doesn't give me any sort of glow.  Guerlain's is more matte, and silky.  Dior's is definitely dewy.

Okay. That was kind of a mish-mash post, but hopefully you will find it at least semi-helpful!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wishlist

It's Wednesday, and I have so many things to do this week.  But I'm slacking today - I'm hungry already, and it's not even lunch time.  I need more snacks in my office, I think.  Anyway, making lists kind of cheers me up (I like lists.  Am I crazy?)  Here are some things on my wishlist:
Guerlain's meteorites, in Teint Dore, because I want to be radiant and glowy. 
image source:

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20, in Cream (because I need yet another foundation-type thing)
image source:
image source:
Yes.  Another foundation.  Eventually, I'll need a foundation that photographs well. (Wedding?)
image source:
Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki!  I want one for my powder foundation...the kabuki I had is now itchy and scratchy and not good.  Not good at all.  I like the Ecotools blush brush I have, so I figured I'd give this a try.

MAC lipstick in Darkside, because I want a vampy color (that I would never be brave enough to wear!)
image source:
Non-beauty related:
Pandemic! Lately the boy and I have felt a need for more board games.
image from:

medicine ball!  Maybe 10-14 lbs.  We train with them at kickboxing, and they would be good to have at home for workout sessions - ab moves, squats, etc.
image source:

And now we have the straight-up impossible (at least with my current salary :P):

Dior Cannage Stitch Peep Toe Pump in Rosato Noir, Fall 2011 (image from

What do you think?  Do you have any of these (if you have those shoes, I'll be so jealous!  Haha) What's on your wishlist?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

What a sexy name.  Lingerie de Peau.  I miss my college French classes.  And France.  Those are thoughts for another time.

Still, though, it does show you what kind of effect marketing has on people.  I mean, think: Lingerie de Peau.  Don't you just want it to be lovely?

And you know, it is.  Look at the bottle:

Beautiful.  Heavy, solid, sleek and lovely.  Product is distributed via a very easy-to-control pump, so you don't have to dip fingers or brushes into anything, and it's easy to pump out just the amount you want, no more.
Besides the practicality of the bottle, just look at it.  I'm not really a packaging fiend - by which I mean, I won't buy something just for the shape of the bottle/color of the box etc, but I still appreciate luxurious packaging.  And I'm constantly left in awe by the elegance of Guerlain's bottles, compacts, lipstick tubes, paper boxes...yeah.  You get the idea.

I purchased my bottle (in 02 Beige Clair, the lightest shade, which turned out to be perfect for me) online from Sephora; it's $56 for 1 oz.  Pricey, yes, but worth it.  Why?  Consider:

What I want from a foundation:
  • light-medium coverage (leaning toward light) that blends well into my skin
  • a faintly dewy or a matte finish
  • long wear (as in, a full work day)
  • a "barely there,"  weightless feeling once it's applied
So does this product meet those needs?  This is what I noticed.

Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau:
  • light-medium coverage (starts off light, but it's buildable without getting heavy or cakey)
  • natural, matte finish, but with a nice glow
  • wears all day; no greasy buildup, no color change.
  • feels smooth and natural, not heavy.  Blends well upon application.
  • a little goes a long way
  • has a faint violet scent, but it's not offensive or lingering; I only notice it upon initial application
  • pump is easy to control, packaging is sleek and elegant and sturdy
I have combination skin that gets dry in the cheeks and mouth area during the cold winter months, and I noticed that if I didn't use a heavy moisturizer (I've been testing out Perricone) to smooth out the chapped skin around my lips, the foundation settled a little into the dry areas there.  So, if you have dry, patchy skin, this may not be the way to go.  I do wish that the formula were a little thinner; its consistency is a little thicker than most tinted moisturizers (and thicker than Chanel's Teint Innocence, which is now discontinued and which I loved) but thinner than most other liquid foundations (e.g. most Clinique formulas I've tried, Lancome's Teint Miracle, YSL's Teint Radiance).  It isn't really a problem, since it blends out well and isn't cakey or heavy, but I feel like a slightly looser consistency would eliminate any possibility of going too heavy-handed with the coverage.  Otherwise, it looks and feels beautiful, and I think I'm done looking for a new liquid foundation.

I will do a more expansive, comparative foundation post later (I've been on the hunt for a new HG foundation for a while now) with a few mini-reviews (i.e. bullet-style pros/cons) on products I've sampled (YSL Teint Radiance, Lancome Teint Miracle, Bobbi Brown Natural Finish, Tarte Smooth Operator, and a few others).