About Me & Disclaimer

Who am I?
I'm Larie. I am not a professional makeup artist or other beauty professional, and this blog is a hobby, not a job.  I enjoy playing around with makeup and colors and feeling pretty, and it is fun - and useful - to share my experiences with other consumers.  As a conscientious shopper, I always appreciate detailed reviews, so that I can make informed decisions on whether to try or pass on products; hopefully I can help you with your own quest for beauty items!  I do not intend to offer any sort of professional advice, especially not health-related advice.

Why paraben-free?

Simply put, I'm allergic to them.  There is a wealth of information on various chemicals that are commonly found in cosmetic products, which every consumer should look into.  However, I'm not an expert and I'm not going to promote something over another unless I have a really, really good reason.  I stick to paraben-free items simply because of the allergy.

Photo Editing, Etc.
While I rarely edit product photos (other than cropping and perhaps adjusting the lighting to get an accurate color profile), I do occasionally touch up EOTD/FOTD type shots. It's not because I want to portray myself as perfect and flawless, but sometimes I feel like blemishes or other things may detract from the point of the photo (especially if it's a swatch).

I am always flattered if you wish to link back to my blog, but please don't re-post my photos or other blog content.