Sunday, October 2, 2016

Scents of the Week: Sweet Tooth Edition

[Products were gwp samples. No affiliate links.]

I thought that by the time I got my act together and actually wrote the post out, it'd be more seasonally appropriate for Halloween or something, but I forgot that I tend to get excited about perfume posts and pump them out as soon as I think of them.

So here is your not-seasonally-appropriate scents of the week! *applause*

These are all sweeter concoctions. Only one of them is truly gourmand, but they all tend toward sweet, and I like them. And we'll wrap with a palate cleanser, how about that?

Flower by Kenzo L'Elixir, edp
Pulpy Raspberry, Bulgarian Rose Essence, Addictive Praline, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute.
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I was afraid, because I originally liked Flower, but then I sat near someone on a plane once who was absolutely drenched in it, and I have never been able to go near it since (thank goodness I only had a very small free sample of it). This isn't really the same thing. It has a hint of that same powdery violet that reminds you of Flower, but this flanker is really quite a different party altogether. It is sweet, and a definite gourmand, but somehow, I really like it. I am normally not a fan of juicy berries in perfume, but the raspberry isn't overbearing or particularly prominent here - I get more of a powdery cotton candy, from the praline, vanilla, and rose. And damnit, I like it. It reminds me of Hanae Mori Butterfly, but I like this one better. One light spritz is more than enough to keep you smelling like a whimsical cotton candy cocktail all day (why are these all the rage?). It's so very unsophisticated, and absolutely unapologetic, and I regret nothing. I'm thinking of a bottle, although I'm not sure if I could ever get through even 1.0 oz.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon, edp
Vanilla Bourbon. Oakwood. Tuberose.
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I like Nirvana Black a lot (I have a gwp rollerball) but don't like White at all, and the same thing sort of applies here - I like Bourbon, but don't give two figs about Rose. Bourbon is sweetly vanilla, but in a darker way than my favorite Diptque Eau Duelle - it's not as elegant or light, but it's not really meant to be. It's a darker, sultrier, more boho chick vanilla - like wearing a leather jacket over a fringed maxi at night, vs. that crisp white sheath for Sunday brunch. It's not heavily floral. 

Ralph Lauren Polo Red, edp
Red Grapefruit, Red Saffron, Redwood. 
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This is actually one of those sneaky samples I left on S's dresser. He wears Polo Double Black often (which I love on him), so I thought maybe Red might suit. It's really fruity, guys. Like, so fruity. On S the fruitiness turns a little spicy, and it's zesty-musky with the grapefruit. I don't get a lot of saffron, just a subtle something else that keeps it from teetering too far into generic man-smell territory. It's not too woodsy, so that does set it apart from the usual masculine musks. On me, though, it just smells like some explosive fruit-synth bomb, and I'm not into it. At all. S hasn't chucked it yet, and wears it occasionally, but I don't see this one being a full bottle purchase.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Petit Matinedu
Litsea cubeba, Lemon from Calabria, Lavandin from Provence, Orange blossom, Hawthorn accord, Musk, Ambroxan
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Here's the palate cleanser! It's a lovely, bright "citrus wood" smell. I don't usually like lemon in perfume, because it's usually sugary sweet and reminiscent of cleaning products. Here, though, it's bright, crystal clear and clean, the very feeling that the bottle evokes - the early morning's softened sun, filtering through a window. There's a prickling wood base - litsea cubeba is an evergreen - and the ambroxan adds a subtle warmth. It's very balanced and quite linear, but in this case, I don't mind that at all, and am actually quite a fan of this one. Applied sparingly, it is quite fleeting, though, and applied more strenuously, it's a bit too woodsy, so I'm not really sure. At $215 for 2.4 oz, I'd like to be sure. I wish it came in a smaller bottle, like some of the other MFK scents. I also didn't think to smell Grand Soir, but that's on my list now, too (they were released as a pair).

So that's only four, but I thought I'd mention, as an afterthought, that Prada Candy smells different here on the east coast. It smells much more like Infusion d'Iris here - it's much more powder-iris-musk forward, and I miss my syrupy benzoin vanilla bonbon. Last year, I thought it was maybe just that the weather hadn't gotten cool enough, but right now we have delicious fall weather that is normally perfect for Prada Candy, but it just hasn't been the same. I'm really disappointed. Has anyone else ever noticed something like this?

What perfumes have you tried lately? What are you rotating in/out for the change of seasons?