Monday, September 5, 2016

Scents of the Week: Mainstream Edition

[Products were gwp samples.]

Perfume posts are my absolute favorite to write. My other "scents of the week" posts are catalogued here. Obviously, I'm not very consistent with them, but if I smell something too briefly, I'll just tweet about it, instead. I'm not always looking for a new scent, but if I happen to find one, well...serendipity is a thing, right? And no, I'm not talking about that cheesy rom-com. Perfume is true love, man.

These are a handful of more mainstream scents that I've sniffed recently - not enough for a full week, but hey. I kind of liked them all, more than I thought I would, but each of them has something that prevents me from loving them. And with this collection of full bottles (plus CB I Hate Perfume A Memory of Kindness, recently acquired at Arielle Shoshana), it has to be love. Also, I'm getting tired of musk (all of this week's scents were musky). Sometimes it's well done, and sometimes it's like that scratchy itch at the back of your throat.

Sunday: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, edt
Sicilian Citron, Bluebell, Granny Smith Apple, Jasmine Sambac, Bamboo, White Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk.
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I know people who love this, but after a few indifferent sniffs at the counters, I'd never bothered to try it. I got a sample in a recent order, though, and decided, what the hell - I never hated it, might as well. It's an inoffensive summer scent - bright, watery but not aquatic, with a crisp musk that is not scratchy or acidic. I get a sparkly, fruity clean that never gets particularly sugary or synthetic. I don't think any note stands out - rather, they're a fizzy bouquet, like an infused water drink. At edt strength, it doesn't last on me at all, and I'm not a huge fan of this particular cedarwood-musk clean finish, but I can see why so many people rely on this as their summer standby.

Tuesday: Carven Le Parfum, edp
Neroli, Mandarin Blossom, White Hyacinth, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Pea, White Sandalwood, Precious Wood Harmony. 
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I was never interested in smelling this, despite the pretty bottle, so I was actually pleasantly surprised when I gave my gwp sample a sniff. It's bright, pretty, clean, feminine - everything you'd expect from this fashion house, this bottle, and this blushing color of juice, ha. I get mostly fruity sweet pea, kept in check with the clean lines of neroli and sandalwood. It's fruitier and sweeter than I thought it would be, but not syrupy; it's like a flute of champagne. But, where this brief love affairs ends for me, is the spritzy patchouli ending (no, it's not in the notes, but I swear it is there). It seems a bit too generic and predictable, and I'm not a patchouli fan.

Wednesday: 3 D&G L'Imperatrice, edt
Rhubarb, Red Currant, Juicy Kiwi Accord, Pink Cyclamen, Fresh Watermelon Accord, Musky Notes, Sandalwood, Grapefruit Wood
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If this lasted longer than five minutes on me, I would buy it in a heartbeat. The tart fruits are sweet, and juicy, but not in a syrupy, berry way (I dislike berries in perfume). It smells like candied apples to me, and the ending is just some vague woodsy musk that keeps it from being too sweet or linear but is otherwise not noticeable. And sometimes that's fine. I mean, if you wanna show off your colorful, patterned top, you can pair it with a classic pair of jeans or a black pencil skirt, right? Sometimes the base notes detract from the head notes, if I don't like the combination, and that's not the case here. It's not strong and despite the pink cyclamen, not floral. AND I LIKE IT. But it's gone within seconds, no matter how much I put on. I mean, I could dump a whole bottle on my head, I guess, but that's not very budget-friendly, is it? I'm still searching for apple. Sweet Anthem's Black Queen convinced me that I could love apple (its caramel apple-oakmoss combination is to die for. I really regret not buying a bottle). Maybe CB I Hate Perfume's Gathering Apples? Has anyone tried it?

Friday: Prada Luna Rossa Sport, edt
Lavender, Ginger, Juniper Berries, Tonka Beans, Vanilla. 
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I got S a sample of this with a Sephora order at some point. Sometimes I try the scents I hand him, especially if they smell particularly good on him. They never smell as good on me, though. This one is no exception. On me, it just fits the stereotype of a "sport" splash juice: fuzzy, traditionally "cologne"-esque lavender, with the additional heat of ginger, and the vanilla-tonka bean base gives it some body. It just kind of reminds me of S when he hasn't shaved for a day or two - that spicy scratchiness and a masculine musk. I mean, I like it on him (not so strongly lavender, a little sweeter, more balanced), but for myself, I have a lavender that I love more. I scrubbed this one off.

So that was more like "scents of half the week," I guess. But, exploring Arielle's beautiful store has gotten me in the mood again, and when we got to NYC again next month I'm definitely going to stop in CB I Hate Perfume's Brooklyn studio. And Le Labo, in SoHo. If you're interested, I'll do a post on our visit to Arielle Shoshana, and the scents we explored. What scents have you been dabbling in lately? Anything new for the change of seasons? Or, if the seasons don't change where you are, what motivates you to change up your scents?