Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Inspired By: Dior Fall 2016

In my Dior Skyline post, I said that I was rather in love with the Dior 2016 Fall promo photo, despite not being interested in any of the other makeup items. I haven't done an editorial-style FOTD in a long time, so I'm very rusty (and let's face it, there weren't that many skills kicking around here anyway!), but I wanted to give it a go.
[image source]
Here's the promo photo. The model has all kinds of things going for her, like apple-slicing cheekbones, and a makeup artist who knows what s/he is doing. DETAILS.

I used products that I had, and didn't try to exactly replicate the look, so much as just...tried to incorporate the over shapes and color palette. I could've blended a lot more, but I apparently forgot how, so there it is.

Makeup used:

I shared this on Instagram, but I figured maybe it warranted a full post. 
I want that model's jacket. Also, I talked about this lip combo here.
Right, so that's enough photos of my face. I wanted to try it again, to emphasize more of the blue smudged along the lash line, but I try to save FOTDs for days when I'm not leaving the house, and there have been precious few of those lately - there's always errands to run on the weekends, aren't there? Still, it got me in the mood for experimenting with looks again! 

What's the latest thing that got you inspired, makeup-wise?