Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ilia Fall 2016: Classic Casual Lipsticks

[Products were provided by PR for review. All opinions are my own; no affiliate links.]
We went apple picking on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend; it was still warm and summery, but apparently this is the time for the Honey Crisp variety - my favorite! We came home with 21 lbs of apples. Some have been turned into breads, and apple crisp, and a pie is in the works. Baking with fall flavors has definitely put me in the mood, even though we've hit the 90s (F) again this week, and Ilia Beauty arrived just in time. These lipsticks are gorgeous. They're iterations of classic shades - a rosy, natural pink, a sophisticated mauve pink, and a drop dead brick red.
L-R: The Brides, Madam Mina, Lucy's Party

The three Fall 2016 lipstick releases are The Brides, Madam Mina, and Lucy's Party. They're housed in Ilia Beauty's signature recycled aluminum cases, and have a faint vanilla-esque "lipstick" smell. They have a waxier, harder texture and can drag a little at first, but once the bullet warms up a bit against lips, they wear beautifully. These are all shimmer-free. I call them "classic casual" because they have a really natural finish (they call it "semi-matte," but I think it's more of a semi-satin), which makes them great for both casual dates or dress-to-impress moments.

The Brides is a pretty, rosy pink - that classic "MLBB" shade, with the same "natural satin" finish that most of Ilia's other lipsticks have (see my review of Ink Pot here). It mimics your lips' natural texture - that's the best way I can describe it. Not shiny, not matte, not creamy or juicy. I'm really a fan, because I think it's hard to find this balance in other brands. The Brides is a touch on the dry side, but still comfortable to wear. Color wise, it's a classic shade that brightens my face and helps nail that "barely there but polished" look I've been partial to lately. Leans warm, but it's not too bright.
Wearing The Brides.
Next up is Madam Mina. I apologize for not being able to capture similar lighting across these photos. It would be a great nude for those with deeper skin tones - it's a rosy mauve that doesn't pull gray or too brown, thankfully. I feel like these kinds of shades age me, so I don't wear them too often, but it's nice to have a "grown-up pink" sometimes.
Wearing Madam Mina.
The last one is Lucy's Party, which is, of course, a classic red. It looks deeper in the bullet than it applies (on me, at least), and it has that same "natural satin" finish, though it's perhaps a little glossier than the other two. On me, it's a true red - not too warm, not too cool. It starts off sheer, but a couple swipes will get the color you see here. I think the harder texture of the lipstick also lends itself to only applying in thin layers. Having prepped lips can help (I like Nuxe's lip contour). I think there are a lot of great reds out there, and we all know I have a ton, but the finish, as I mentioned, is what I think sets these apart. They look and feel very modern.
Wearing Lucy's Party. Ilia Beauty 99 Red Balloons is a little more opaque, and darker.

These will retail for $26, I believe, and launch in mid-September on Ilia Beauty's website. I've waxed poetic about their Multi-sticks (here, here, and here), and I appreciate the vision of the brand. They are cruelty-free, made with USDA-certified organic products at percentages listed in ingredient labels, and are refreshingly transparent about what they are and are not (there is a way to filter by "vegan" on their shop page, and their certifications are here). I think efforts like these lend credence to smaller businesses and those looking for organic alternatives to mainstream makeup have really solid options these days.