Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Sessions XI



Guys, how do you make friends as adults? We've always been in school, and then last year we were living apart and mostly concerned with the whole long distance marriage thing, but now we're living in the same state and city again, do you make friends? I'm shy and not great in groups of people I don't know. I tried a few Meetups when I was here by myself, but had to force myself to go and didn't really have a great time. S and I are going to start climbing again after his marathon (he's running a relay team this time) and maybe that will help. I also go to aerial classes, which is how I made really great friends in Seattle (many of whom I still keep in touch with), but while a lot of people in Seattle were also transplants, most of the people I've met here have grown up in Maryland, and already have established friend circles. And our neighbors are all older, with kids - which doesn't mean we can't make great connections, but it'd be nice to find other young couples with similar interests. Do any of you guys struggle with this, too? How have you met other people the same age? Any advice?

Looking for:

A great neutral shadow trio. This is my all-time favorite (review here), but as you can see, it's getting down there, ha! I kind of just want to repurchase it, but I also want to try something new. But what if the new thing isn't as good? First world problems, I know. Still. I want something not too warm and not too cool (I have a cool palette from Bobbi Brown that I quite like). I was eyeing this Viseart palette in Cashmere - anyone tried?

Listening to:
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Kaleo. S came home one day and told me he heard a band on the radio that he thought I'd love.

He was right. They're an Icelandic rock band with an almost Americana, folk/bluesy sound. I've been listening to their debut album, A/B - it's good.

Otherwise, I've been trying to find a new podcast to listen to, since I finally caught up with My Dad Wrote a Porno and now have to wait for them to release episodes every week. I couldn't get in to Criminal, Sporkful, Lore, and a few others, although the premises sounded good. Any recommendations? I still like Myths and Legends, season one of Serial (couldn't get into season 2), Embedded, and Limetown, and adore My Dad Wrote a Porno.

Link love:
- Crows and ravens are super clever. And this is hilarious.
- How do you feel about bidets?
- I'm excited about Hidden Figures! The book is on my to-read list now, too.
- Especially after Katrina, I always think of the animals that are stranded after devastating events. Here are ways to help those in Louisiana after the flood.
- Lolz. S said this would totally be me.

Anyway, today we're off to DC for brunch and a trip to the Air and Space museum! How are you spending your Sunday? Have any fun links? Drop them in the comments!