Friday, August 5, 2016

Food Friday: Let's Talk TASTY

Bon Appétit has been running some interviews with Olympians, asking about their favorite food, meal rituals, etc., (Ryan Lochte, lol, let's just say it's a good thing he swims fast). They're fun, though, because food is relatable. So I thought I'd make my own tag, because you can't make me shut up about food.

1. What is your go-to meal for celebrations? Or do you always choose something new/different?
I usually want to try something different, but good go-tos are sushi or that new restaurant in town with the smashing cocktails.

2. What was your favorite childhood meal?
Hmmm...I love a lot of Korean food - my mom is a fabulous cook, and she makes great everything. I really like samgyupsal and bossam. I haven't had either since our Korea trip now, I think!

The other things are local dishes from HI - chicken katsu done local style, or lemon chicken, loco moco, lomi salmon,  laulau!

3. What is something you hated as a kid, but have grown to love?
Cheese. I actually didn't like cheese much as a kid (except on pizza), but now I'm definitely a fan.

4. And, the opposite - something you loved as a kid, but can no longer handle?
I'm lactose intolerant now, ha, but I refuse to give up dairy...I just take some lactase and buy lactose-free milk.

5. Something you still hate with a passion?
I don't think I really hate anything (except parsnips, the most confused root vegetable), but there are some foods I dislike immensely. Kidney beans, cucumbers (although I'll eat them pickled, but raw cucumbers smell disgusting to me)...that's all I can think of right now, actually!

6. What's a food that you love, but most people you know hate?
I know a lot of people hate mushrooms, but I LOVE them, and always have! I even like them raw on salads.

7. And because opposites are fun - something you hate, but most other people love?

8. Favorite ice cream flavor/brand?
Ugh, I love ice cream, and gelato. I love mint (keep nasty chips!), good solid vanilla, cheesecake...the list goes ON AND ON. There's usually always a pint of Talenti Gelato in our freezer. Or two. Or five.

9. Favorite kind of cheese?
Depends what we're having, but every so often we have wine night, with cured meats, soft cheese (chèvre, brie, bleu) and jam. And olives or cornichons.

10. Happy hour! What do you order?
I'm adventurous with cocktails, as well, but I'm always drawn to whisky cocktails. I hate gin, and don't really like rum, either. Wine, beer, and vodka cocktails are ok.

11. What's your favorite meal to make?
As we all know, I hate cooking and prefer baking. I can make dukbokee and dwenjang jigae, though, and will muster up the willpower if S has a cold.

12. Fruit pie, or cream pie?
Fruit pie, all the way, although coconut cream is sometimes a solid choice, if it's not overwhelmingly sweet.

13. If you have a cold, what is your comfort food?
Korean soup or Thai noodle soup, or pho. Basically, soup, but I'm not really into American style chicken noodle when I'm sick, although S makes a good one and it's fine any other time.

14. Bad day - what do you reach for?
Ice cream or wine.

15. On the average, are you a sweet or savory breakfast food person?
Sweet, usually, but I'll eat pretty much anything for breakfast, including leftover pasta (or any leftovers), ramen, get the idea.

16. Favorite food-related show?
The Great British Bake-off! I also like Chopped and Worst Cooks of America. And Food Truck Race.

17. When eating out, do you save room for dessert?
Usually, yes. We don't eat out that often, so when we do, we tend to splurge and make it the full meal, but I will usually pick having a dessert over an appetizer if I'm not that hungry. And I don't mind sharing.

18. Favorite vegetarian meal?
We do Meatless Mondays (and actually only eat meat 1-2x a week), so I have a lot of favorite vegetarian meals. I'm going with risotto!

19. Favorite season for food?
I love summer because there's so much produce! BERRIES and watermelons, and it's grilling season, and splashy cocktails and sangria and cold treats are everywhere, and you can dine out on the patio at restaurants. It's all very casual and fun.

20. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? (we threw this around as an icebreaker at a group lunch, once. It's a horrible, horrible question!)
I think I'd have to go with Italian. All that emphasis on fresh food, and PASTA. But I don't really want to choose, haha.

21. Restaurant on your wishlist:
I'm planning our anniversary weekend trip to NYC, and I'm hoping to get a reservation at Gramercy Tavern.

22. Favorite restaurant?
Joule, in Seattle.

23. What city would you want to visit just for the food?
Can we go with region? Tuscany. I've never been, and like I said earlier, I love Italian food. And it seems like it would be so beautiful there, as well.

24. Do you make a treat every holiday season? What is it?
When we were younger, mom used to make tons of mandoo (Korean dumplings, like Japanese gyoza or Chinese wonton) to give out to the neighbors, and to cook for ourselves. She doesn't do that anymore, and I definitely do not attempt this, but I have fond memories. S and I have had Christmases together at home for the past few years, and we like to make a full course meal that's simple but decadent. And I usually bake a couple times during the holiday.

25. You're in Target, and can't resist picking up this candy at the checkout line:
Gummi bears and Sour Patch Kids.

Seriously, I could probably talk about food forever. What are your answers? Let me know!