Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Sessions X

I know, I should really rename this place "the Weekend blog," since that's when I have time to post, ha.  But I like having these chatty posts about random things - hopefully you do, too. What are y'all doing today? I'm headed to aerial silks class, to get in a workout on this horribly hot and sweaty day.



Purple lipstick (ok, and gloss). My recent purchase, Ilia Beauty Ink Pot, really kicked it off for me, and then I dug through my lipstick drawer and pulled out others. Some are sort of reddish purple, some are pink-purple...all are fab.
L-R: MAC Living Legend, Ilia Beauty A Fine Romance, Ilia Beauty Ink Pot, UD Bittersweet (gwp sample), Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage, Tarte Surfer Girl (gwp sample).

Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage. This was a gift from Liz a while back. 
Listening to:

The My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast. After the solemnity of Serial, I needed something light-hearted. My Dad Wrote a Porno is the funniest damned thing I've listened to in a long, long time. The book itself is really just a launching point for the trio (Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine) to provide their charming and hilarious commentary - they just seem like a great bunch of people, and I want to be sitting at that kitchen table giggling with them. NSFW with strong language, sexual content, and adult themes, but if you're ok with that - listen to it. It's made my commute a thousand times better.

Link love
- I love birds - many are so clever - and this is a really cool story about how wild honey guide birds may possibly have trained humans, ha!
- helpful article on minimizing the juiciness of fruit pies
- I could do with more "news" like this: a sweet story about books, social media, people.
- I got starry eyed when I saw this on my feed. MUST MAKE.
- for my fellow Legend of Zelda nerds