Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Sessions VIII

It's that time! How are you all doing? We finally got a weekend to catch up on errands and chores. While I love traveling, I will be happy if I don't have to get on a plane for a good long while.

Short and sweet this week!


getting my interior designer on:
By South Cone Furniture.

We've been buying new furniture since we're now renting a house rather than a small apartment, and have more space, and we also wanted to update some of our graduate school odds and ends. This is one of my favorite purchases - a live edge hardwood dining table in gray, with an iron frame. It was made to order in the US, because we try to support local craftsmakers when we can. We just bought chairs, too, and I hope it all comes together! Now I'm shopping for a rug. WHO KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY KINDS OF RUGS, GUYS. I'm thinking something in yellow or orange, to bring some color to the room. We're tackling things slowly, since furniture is $$$, but now I'm looking for some unique prints. I bought a WA state watercolor print from Jessica Durrant during her flash sale, and am looking for some other interesting, classic pieces. Any favorites or recs?

[image source: Amazon.]

Popsicle recipes. I hate kitchsy kitchen stuff, but S sent me a link to dog popsicles, and the next thing you know, I was buying Tovolo molds on Amazon. I am going to make some for the fluffbobs (with broth and random fruits and veggies), but then I have my heart set on these.

Links I loved:
Casual gratitude is something I'm trying to practice more now. S has been telling me this for ages (not to apologize needlessly), but this story really drove the point home.
- This story about Pokemon Go from NPR is hilarious. Especially the yoga part.
- (Current events warning). An important movement. A good response to this.
- You have to appreciate when responses to tragedy are positive, and hopeful, rather than hateful. Artists are great at this. Here, here.
- And this had me giggling. Especially the ones about raccoons, bats, and pandas.

What's new with you? Have anything fun to share? Let me know!