Monday, July 25, 2016

Current Faves: Foundations & Concealers

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I have one liquid foundation, one tinted moisturizer, one foundation stick, one undereye concealer, and one all-over concealer. I'm...a bit of a base makeup junkie.
Above, L-R:

L-R: Bare Minerals 03 Buttercream, Becca Light, Becca Tahini, MAC NW25, MUFE Y315.

I know what you're thinking.

"What kind of patchwork quilt face DO YOU HAVE, LARIE?"

In my defense, foundation is...magic. I bow to its mysteriousness. Seriously, though, I have reasons. Sort of.

Most days, if my skin's all right, I just use both concealers. MAC Pro Longwear is great for under the eyes; it sets, doesn't emphasize lines and creases, and gives great coverage. I have purple circles, so the warmer, peachy NW25 counteracts that without looking ashy (and the Pro Longwear range runs a bit lighter than other MAC lines, as I'm usually NC20). This is too warm for the rest of my face, though.

For that, I use the Becca concealer in Tahini, which I really like. It's creamy, very pigmented, and can cover up redness brilliantly. I use a ring finger, dab it on places that need concealing, and then use a brush or a Beauty Blender to buff it out. This is probably the one with the most golden undertone, and it's a great match for my skintone.

I promise I will review the Becca foundation (drafting that next). It runs a bit pink/peachier than I'd prefer (Light is supposed to have neutral tones, but I wish they had a golden undertone option in the lighter end of the spectrum), but still matches pretty well. It's nice to have a liquid, higher coverage option sometimes. Also, GLOW.
Wearing the Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation, with Hourglass powder on top.

The Bare Minerals gel tinted whatsit is also quite yellow, but it's not full coverage and melds into skin beautifully. I really like it still (besides the ridiculous name), and have about half a tube or less left. It's a little lighter - both in coverage and feel - than the Becca foundation, so it's a nice "middle ground" foundation.

Lastly, the MUFE stick - I still like this, too. It's good for travel and it is easy to apply with a brush or a Beauty Blender. It's good for spot coverage (like a concealer) or all over foundation. I like it best applied with a Beauty Blender. It does look a touch peachy in the swatch, but once blended out, it's a fair match for me.

So, that's it over here. What foundations and concealers do you have on rotation - and which are your favorites?