Saturday, July 9, 2016

10 Things I Love About Summer

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And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (ha, joke, "regularly scheduled") for something fun. A LIST!

I never used to like summer, and really, it can still be way too hot and humid here on the east coast of the US, but there are some high points that I'm starting to appreciate. So here are some things I love about summer - or love to do/see/eat more in the summer. Gotta appreciate every season, right?

1. Summer fruit: blueberries, strawberries, peaches, watermelon. WATERMELON. The dogs like watermelon, too. Dennison got some for his birthday. Just look at that face.

2. Long, sunny days. I started loving summer in Seattle, because in the PNW, summer days can be 16 hours long and completely gorgeous. Days aren't quite as long here, but there are still plenty of hours of beautiful sunshine to be enjoyed.

3. Summer dresses. It's SO nice just to put on one lightweight item of clothing. VS the winter or colder months, where you have to put on eighty things just to run the dogs outside. (Side note: WE HAVE A YARD NOW. THE DOGS CAN GO OUT IN THE COLD BY THEMSELVES.) Having less layers also makes packing way easier.
What I packed on our long weekend trip to NYC last month.

4. Peppermint tea. I like Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Summer Tea*, which is a refreshing mint and licorice blend, and I also enjoy Stash's Peppermint. Mint tea is so refreshing! (Why is it so hard to find a perfume analogue?) Since my office has AC, hot tea is still enjoyable. And sometimes you just want some hot tea to wash down your greasy #TrashyTuesday meal.
Yeah...the mug has a caffeine molecule on it (it was a gift) but the tea is caffeine-free.

5. The atmosphere. Everyone seems to be much more relaxed in the summer. People are making vacation plans or going on holiday, the office slows down a little bit, and you can go outside on your lunch break or admire the flowers and the birds.

6. Rosé. My favorite one of all time is Barnard Griffin's Rosé of Sangiovese, which has just the right amount of sweetness and is so good chilled on a hot summer day. I like wine, all wine (ok, not all wine - I have given up on Sauvignon Blancs) but roses get a bad rap for being syrupy sweet or fluffy. Not true. Perfect for summer.

7. Summer reading. Even though I'm not in school or anything like that, the lack of rigid fall TV schedules and the aforementioned "calming down of the office," plus travel time (car, plane), means that I can pick up on my neglected reading list. I got through Sister Sable, which I didn't like, and now I'm reading my first China Mielville, guys, so pretentious. *eyeroll* I like to read fluff in the summer, too, but I haven't found anything quick and enjoyable and available at my library, ha. Also, haven't found a book worthy of purchase. I have no qualms about purchasing books and would like to support the market, but I also don't want to collect items that I will not read again. Books are notorious dust collectors. What have you read lately? Any recommendations?

8. The abbreviated makeup and skincare routine. It's nice not to have to slather on thick creams and body lotions! I need a rich moisturizer in the summer, too, because I have dry skin, but man, it's nice not to have to worry about inflamed, rashy hands or crocodile dry patches everywhere. Of course, that's exchanged for copious amounts of sunscreen, but hey. Can't have everything.

9. Dining al fresco. I love going to casual restaurants in the summer and sitting outside on the patio, preferably with cocktail in hand.

10. Thunderstorms. They can be dangerous, but I grew up with thunderstorms in the evenings and I find the pouring rain to be soothing. Even thunderstorms are relaxing (well, Dennison hates them, but Dennison hates a lot of things. Good ole Oscar the Grouch, that one).

What's on your list? Do you embrace summer, or just hide indoors and wait until fall?