Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Sessions VII

(I'm not sure why I picked Roman numerals, because I can't really count past twenty or so with them, HA. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I guess. As always, no affiliate links - just trying to be helpful or show you what I'm talking about).

Happy Father's Day!

Today has been relaxing, even though it was full of chores. We got up when we wanted to (ok, when Dennison wanted us to), had an indulgent Sunday breakfast (homemade biscuits, eggs, bacon), and then tackled our chores. We finished the cleaning by 1 PM and then hung out with the dogs outside, called my dad, and am now chilling inside where it's clean and cool.


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Sister Sable. I'm just a little bit into it, so I haven't developed an opinion yet. It's modern fantasy, and seems to be more of the ultra-ruthless plots-within-plots-within-plots type, which isn't usually my favorite, but I felt like branching out. The last book I finished was David Mitchell's Slade House, which I was quite annoyed over, in the end (spoilers in the review). I haven't had time to read again until very recently, and my to-read list just keeps growing.

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Earrings! I just bought the cutest Kate Spade ice cream cones studs (above), because they were on sale. Also on the wishlist, some Kendra Scott statement earrings, classic Gorjana hoops, large House of Harlow sunbursts in white, and these Verge earrings from Favor Jewelry. With a pixie, the easiest way to dress up is to put on fabulous earrings.

#trashyTuesday. We had wings, beer and fries. What did you have? This week, it may be pizza.


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The Night Manager. It takes me a while to get through suspense thrillers, because heavy stuff isn't my usual cup of tea. But S is a fan of Le Carré novels and I am a fan of Tom Hiddleston, so it is win-win. Hugh Laurie is also chillingly great - the whole cast is, really. Definitely recommend. We're on Episode 3/6.

A Hatchery box. Has anyone tried it? I've never paid for a beauty subscription box and am not interested, but I love trying indie and artisanal food.

On the Highline.
Another trip to NYC! We're going for our anniversary, in October, with the dedicated purpose of EATING ALL THE THINGS. We really enjoyed staying in an AirBnb during Memorial Day Weekend (and I fell in love with a cat), but for our anniversary, we're prolly splurge on a hotel and massages, that sort of thing.
For more NYC photos, check out my Instagram feed.

Links I loved:
- This just made me smile. (I love HONY). This was the other one that I loved this past week. We need more folks like her.
- Now that we're settled in and I've been reunited with my KitchenAid stand mixer, I'm moving through the baking list again! I made apricot financiers and plan on making lemon blueberry doughnuts this week.
- I bought some Dot&Dot Travel cubes and folders, do organize our carry-on bags when we travel. I hope they get in before we leave for Seattle in two weeks! I know I'm an adult...when I get excited about organizational items.
- This one is older, but I loved it SO MUCH. Technology is so cool now, you guys! Tracks snowy owls down to the METER.

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