Saturday, June 4, 2016

Something for the Short-Haired (and Lazy): Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner

Emphasis on the "lazy." I love everything about this product, and already have a backup waiting (although I'm trying the lavender version for the next go around). 
I picked it up because I got tired of fussing with separate shampoo and conditioner. My hair isn't very needy and I'm very lazy; I just wanted a decent 2-in-1 that didn't feel heavy, and that could cleanse my hair of the products I use to tame the fluffy Medusa in the AM. This caught my eye because of two things: "rosemary mint" (I love Aveda's iconic version of that scent combo), and the "clarifying conditioner" label.

It delivers on both counts. The scent is satisfyingly fresh and herbal and very subtle. I experimented with use and found that the best thing for me, is to wet hair thoroughly, then gently massage in two successive pumps, one at a time. (By "massage," I mean gently running my fingers and palms through my hair. The bottle claims that vigorous scrubbing can damage hair, and I guess that kind of makes sense. This product doesn't lather.) If I do two pumps at once, I feel like I don't get an even distribution. I leave it in my hair, finish the rest of my shower, and then rinse well at the end. I've noticed that my hair no longer ever feels like it retains that heavy post-conditioner film, never becomes greasy, yet still feels clean without being stripped of shine and moisture. So yes, "clarifying conditioner" is accurate. 

I don't think it would be great for long hair, as you'd have to use a lot of product and spend a lot of time massaging it into your hair. And, hilariously enough, S is not on board. I thought he'd be all for it, since hey, one product instead of two! But he suspiciously tried it once, declared that it was "too complicated" because it was "too simple" (he'd rather lather, rinse, and then smear conditioner everywhere, I guess). So, ok, not for everyone. But, totally recommended if you have short, low-maintenance hair! I bought mine at Target, and it usually runs $9-14.