Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Part of the Routine: NUXE Nourishing Day Cream Rêve de Miel

[Product was provided by PR for review. This is not a sponsored post, and there are no affiliate links.]

This is a day moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin, and I do think it will be too rich for those with oily skin. It's a thick cream that is surprisingly easy to apply - it melts easily into skin without much effort; I don't feel like I'm rubbing any more vigorously than when I apply a liquid or something with a more fluid texture.

As I said in my Instagram post about my AM skincare routine, this is my daily moisturizer, and I will repurchase it when I run out. It really feels like it's keeping my face hydrated throughout the day; at the end of the day, when I wash my face, it still feels smooth and soft, which is a strong contrast to the sandpaper face I've been dealing with prior to incorporating this into my routine. With such a rich texture, I was afraid that my face would be an oil slick or really greasy, but nope. Somehow it all just sinks in, and my skin feels like happy skin, rather than skin + a layer of product. I'm really happy with it.
Thick texture, but easy to apply. I use a spatula to scoop some out.

It contains some oils (coconut, rice, macadamia, sunflower, safflower) and glycerin, which is a humectant. It also contains the namesake beeswax and honey combo. Full ingredients list here.

The one thing I don't like? The really strong scent, which is supposed to be orange blossom. It's strong, and lingers a bit. I would prefer it to be unscented, but I can deal. All in all: THUMBS UP.