Thursday, May 12, 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I pulled this from Tracy's blog, because I think we need to talk about happy things more often. Easy, and hopefully a launching point for happy conversations! I share a lot of Tracy's, so I'm trying to pick some different ones, but hey, the ones that I feel strongly about will be repeated! I will try not to yammer on. But I make no promises.

And let's not judge (OR COUNT, YOU BIG MEANIES) how many of them are food-related. This is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE. Haha.
  1. My fluffies! They are so fantastic, and I'm so happy they're around again. They both have distinct personalities and they're always so happy to see us.
  2. Coffee. It's the ritual as much as the drink itself; I only drink 1-2 cups a day (usually just one, in the morning, but sometimes I'll get another during the work day if I feel myself lagging). I like mine piping hot, and dark, without sugar or milk. S and I have an espresso machine, so I usually have an Americano, although I don't mind lattes every now and again. But it's relaxing. Grinding the beans, watching the espresso drip, seeing the beautiful crema, then savoring the heat of a hot cup and the bitter, soul-warming taste. Few things better in the mornings.
  3. Almond croissants are pretty high on my list, too. This is from the comptoir section of Petit Louis in Columbia, MD.
    I'm a morning person, through and through. It's especially wonderful because Dennison is a morning dog, and as soon as he realizes that I'm awake, he runs over and thrusts his head in my face and wriggles around and pokes his cold nose under the covers until I get out of bed.
  4. Breakfast. My favorite meal. Related to #3.
  5. Brunch. Because it's breakfast on ten, baby. WITH BOOZE. Also see #39 & #46, ha.
    My favorite brunch date.
  6. Aerial arts. I got into this back into graduate school, almost 6 years ago now. Love it all. It was also one of the things (along with climbing) that really got me into training to be strong and healthy and able to do cool things upside down! 
    An aerial cube.
  7. Shoes. I have a weakness.
  8. Earrings. (I have many weaknesses).
  9. Fire Emblem. Possibly the only video game that gets me to dust my DS off. Oh, and any Ace Attorney game.
  10. Magical realism novels. My favorite kind of fantasy. It makes you think that it could all actually be real! And beyond that, it makes you reconsider mundane objects and daily happenings in a different way. Everything has value. (Find me on Goodreads). Have any recommendations?
  11. Dresses. I never used to like them much, but lately - they're so easy. I only need to pick one item of clothing in the morning? SOLD.
    One of my favorite outfits.
    Shirt dresses - so comfy!
  12. Music with a SICK BEAT. I BOOM the bass in my car. I'm that person. Sorry.
  13. Bird-watching. I put up a bird feeder in our yard, and we've already got so many! I google them like a nerd. I'm trying to entice some hummingbirds. Any tips?
  14. Cabernet Sauvignon. And Chardonnay.
  15. That moment when you first get into bed - when the sheets are perfectly cool and everything is so calm and cozy.
  16. Greenery. Driving across the country for the second time, I realized that there are a lot of places where trees and grass are a rarity, which made me really appreciate the places I've lived (and where I currently live) even more.
  17. Cozy jackets.
  18. That cozy "old sock" smell that dogs emit from their feet when they are comfortable and happy.
  19. Ice cream. And MILKSHAKES.
    Key lime pie and Blueberry Jasmine. In waffle cones, of course.
    Urban style fries from Burger-Fi (see #20), and a milkshake.
    Apple pie milkshake and a bad crop job, LOL. These photos are all from my Instagram feed, which is basically a stream of happiness for me, now that I think about it. Follow me! Button on the right -->
  20. French fries.
  21. Perfume. 
    I have since added to this. Erm.
  22. Making food and hanging out in the kitchen with S.
  23. Making lists.
  24. Crossings items off of lists.
  25. Planning travel - choosing places to eat, where to stay, sights to see! 
    Our travel maps! Prints from Paper Plane Prints on Etsy. Frames from Amazon.
  26. Hosting dinner parties.
  27. Knitting. 
    I knit a thing! Purl Soho Short Row Sweater.
  28. Watching food TV - I love Chopped, and Worst Cooks of America, and the Great Food Truck Race. I miss Man Vs. Food (mostly for the travel and highlights of different cities). And I wish more seasons of The Great British Bake-Off  would make it to our Netflix! That show is AMAZING.
    [image source]
  29. Trying out new baking recipes. Although I never attempt anything as elaborate as those in the Bake-Off! 
    Marshmallow frosting (or 7-minute frosting) is divine.
  30. Getting packages in the mail. I think this is part of why I love shopping online so much, haha. You get to pick the actual thing, which is fun, and then you kind of forget about it until boom, next week, it arrives, and you get to be excited all over again!
  31. Fairy tales, myths, legends. I have always loved these kinds of stories (see: my love for magical realism), with their blend of fantasy, thrill, and history, and on the recommendation of a friend, I've been listening to the Myths and Legends podcast during my commute. Recommended!
  32. A good workout. That achy-muscle, ass-kicked feeling makes me feel so accomplished. 
  33. Buying gifts for people.
  34. A fresh manicure (even though it's always messy, because I do it myself, HA.) 
    Cirque Stella over Dior Bar.
    L-R: Dior Porcelaine, Lippmann Flowers in Her Hair, Dior Sunwashed, Dior Sunkissed, Dior Tra-la-la.
  35. A good cocktail. Preferably with bourbon. Or rye. 
  36.  The Apple ding! from a text message. I like text messages. Don't call me. TEXT ME.
  37. Hiking. I miss the beautiful PNW, where great hiking spots are EVERYWHERE.
  38. A great winged eye. Er, well, two of them, that match. Liquid liner all the way, baby.
  39. Date night.
  40. Beautiful p√Ętisserie displays. 
    Tous Les Jours in Ellicott City.
  41. NOODLES. I can eat noodles all day erryday, man. 
    Dan dan noodles from Revel, in Seattle. Our absolute favorite brunch spot, hands down.
  42. Cookies the size of my head. This recipe is our favorite for two giant cookies. S makes it all the time. 

    See? Size of my head.
  43. Hats. I wish more people wore hats, so I wouldn't feel like a doofus. I guess I just have to OWN IT. 
    Halogen fedora, from Nordstrom. Booties are TOMS, skirt and shirt are from Ann Taylor.
  44. Art galleries and museums. DC is great for this - we went down to the Smithsonians and the National Gallery of Art during a staycation in DC. When we go up to NYC in a couple of weeks, I want to go to the Met!
  45. Board games.
  46. Getting dressed up. Sometimes you just wanna prance around in your heels and skirts, ok? 
    We clean up nice, right? AHAHA. At a friend's wedding, last October.
  47. Sushi. 
    Probably my all-time favorite food. From Nijo Sushi Bar & Grill in Seattle. I miss the Emerald City.
  48. Fruit picking. One of my favorite summer activities. We go every summer, because then there are BERRIES, which I love, and then we can make PIE, which I also love. I'll have to find a place around here soon.
  49. Windows. I like my home and workspaces to have plenty of natural light. Dennison requires this, too, ha.
  50. Trying new things. Whether's it new types of food or new ingredients, new fashion styles, new activities or sports, I'm down. I won't guarantee that I'll like everything, but life's about experiences and being the same all the time isn't stimulating. I'm happy to have a partner who shares my sense of curiosity and adventure, even if we're not the hard-core, drop all your things and go backpacking type. We have our own scale, and we're happy.
ALL RIGHT. Thanks for sticking with me. Do we share any on the list? What things make YOU happy?