Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Sessions: VII

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I'm meeting Xiao today! We are going to eat all the things.


Notorious RBG. I like reading biographies every now again, if they are well-written and engaging, and this one definitely is. Sometimes the narrative jumps in and out of time irregularly, but for the most part, it works. I'm about halfway through, and I have a lot of admiration for Judge Ginsberg's work, but also for the way she and her husband treated each other as true equals and partners.


Scrotal Recall. The name is cringe-worthy, yes, and also a really bad pun, but the six episodes that make up the first season on Netflix are worth watching. It's funny but also unexpectedly sincere and endearing, with likable characters who have charisma and a solid friendship. Dylan has chlamydia, so he calls up all of his exes to let them know, and each episode is a flashback to each woman. It's been renewed for a second season, and I'm delighted.

To get back on board with more cardio. I go to aerial classes 2-3 times/week, depending on my schedule, and it's a good full body workout - the instructors are great about changing up the conditioning and we're always learning new things. But I think I need more focused cardio, so I've been using the Nike Training Club app again for quick sessions, especially to work legs and abs (aerial is a lot of upper body).

Obsessed with:
Spring/summer shoes

Shoe shopping. At the end of last summer, I got rid of a couple pairs of sandals that were 3-4 years old and had been worn into oblivion. So naturally, as soon as the weather started getting warmer, I was on Nordstrom's sandals page. I ordered and like both the Sam Edelman "Dawson"(worn here) and the Cobb Hill "Ramona," which are comfortable and great for days when I want to wear flats, but I've also got my eye on some heels, as well. And maybe a blush-colored pair of closed toe flats.

Link love:
- Some of these terrifying staircases just boggle the mind.
- Can't find much to criticize here. The most interesting part of the article, to me, was that (they claim), it came as a request from the store workers, who got tired of throwing away good food at the end of the day.
- A friend suggested I listen to The Anatomy of Doubt after I posted about the Jian Ghomeshi case on Facebook. It enraged me, but it was definitely important to listen to. I would suggest this as a follow-up article.
- I actually was looking at Tom Hank's twitter profile the other day was and giggling about this. Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed!
- Ok, this is HYSTERICAL.

Have a great Sunday, and holiday, if you celebrate. Let me know how you're doing! Have any links or news to share? Or an opinion on those SHOES? Hahaha.