Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Sessions: VI

I can't believe it is March. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE. I have never been so excited for spring. East coast winters are, um, not my favorite.



Irvine Welsh's Transpotting. I kind of have to read it as if I were going to read it out loud...without actually reading it out loud. Does this make sense? It's like...when you count, do you visualize numbers, or do you say numbers in your head? [Seriously, think about it. Apparently there are two types of counters...]

Our travel goals for the year! Feeling kind of bummed right now (living apart from your spouse sucks, guys), so it's helping to give myself something fun to plan. A lot of this is contingent on S and the dogs being able to join me on this coast soon, but it's still fun to daydream. Nothing concrete yet, but I'm hoping we'll at least be able to do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in October for our anniversary. I'm thinking cozy bed and breakfasts, lots of leisurely strolling...barbecue...bourbon...oh yes. The other places on the list for long weekends or proper vacations are NYC, New Orleans, Nashville. We'll have to see what can actually happen! We're also supposed to travel to Seattle and Charleston for weddings, so that will be nice.

[image source]
Laura Mercier Tea Menthe Citron EdT. Is this coming across the pond, you think??? I love mint tea scents!

Links I loved this week:
- Driving Miss Norma
(a 90-year old woman with cancer is traveling the country with her son and daughter-in-law. Try not to be moved, I dare you.)
- #sharetheload
(A dad watches his daughter and regrets enforcing gender stereotypes in his family).
- I love The Everywhereist - travel and humor.
- The colors used in these paintings just made me smile.

S is going to be here this week for a little bit, so I'm excited. It's always nice to have something to look forward to. Have a great week, everyone!