Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Sessions: V

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(What is a Sunday Session?)

I know, two posts in two days, who is this kid?

Let's just kick back and chat today, shall we?


A Man Called Ove, a Swedish novel by Frederik Backman. Follows a disgruntled old man who learns to deal with his sadness through humorous interactions with a family that moves in to his neighborhood. I'm only a bit into it, but it's brought a smile to my face already. I don't know much about the author (is this low-brow Swedish literature? HA), but I read mostly for entertainment these days - a way to unwind - and I'm beyond being embarrassed about my reading choices.

listening to:
Parker Millsap. Discovered him through an NPR music article, and now I'm eagerly awaiting his next album, which will be released in March. His first album reminds me of Justin Nozuka's earlier albums, with a bit more old-school country.

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate and the Face III Buffing Foundation brush.
[Image from Sephora]
I am a partially reformed foundation junkie, what can I say? I like that this one has no sunscreen in it and it looks beautiful in reviews - I really want to try it. The other things I want to get, beauty-wise, are some new eye brushes. Some of my Sephora and Sonia Kashuk ones have become scratchy or sparse, and I want to invest in some nicer ones. Any recommendations? I would really prefer synthetic fibers.

frustrated with:
Ok, I'm going to talk about bras, because it's my blog and I can talk about boobs if I want to. For th most part, I'm pretty cool with not having, um, noticeable assets, but I'm a bit tired of bra straps shifting or my bra being uncomfortable and not flattering because I can't fill even an A cup. Also, sometimes a girl just wants to look good in a low-cut dress, okay? I've been looking into this a bit, and apparently shape, not just volume, is an issue (which I have honestly never thought about before in my life). But I'm almost 30 and I think it's a bit sad that I've never had a bra that actually fit and felt nice. So I've been ordering a variety from different brands (with mixed results so far). Do you have any recommendations?

And reads/videos/links I've enjoyed recently:
- Great Pyrenees sleds down a hill
- The Real Reason I Returned to Work a Month After Giving Birth
(Why does everyone want to judge moms?)
- NYT feature on what it's like to be in Hollywood for the not "white male" population
(Mindy Kaling's comment about always feeling the need to apologize really struck a nerve)
- Children practicing their reading skills to help shy shelter dogs
 (my heart melted)

Have a great week, everyone!