Monday, January 25, 2016

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF35

[Product was provided by Tatcha for review. No affiliate links.]

My go-to facial sunscreen for a while has been an all-physical formula from Neutrogena, which was a good, budget-friendly alternative to the Clarins UV Plus HP Broad Spectrum sunscreen. However, as Lena mentioned, the two recent bottles I bought have been gritty; I'm not sure whether they reformulated it, or what, but I've given up with it for now.

Fortunately, at that time, Tatcha sent over their new Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF35 ($68). It's taken me a while to try it, because I am really slow with incorporating new skincare, but yes - this has become my go-to. It's lovely.

The formula is 15% zinc oxide and 5% octisalate, one of the few chemical sunscreens that doesn't appear to break me out (hurray!). The one thing is that my personal preference for sunscreen is for all-physical formulas, and I wish they had made one like that; here the inclusion of zinc oxide (which offers both UVA and UVB protection, hence broad spectrum) means that it will still probably flash white, but octisalate isn't broad spectrum (it's a UVB filter) though I suppose it adds protection while helping maintain a spreadable formula (too much zinc oxide can make it pasty or gritty, as mentioned with the Neutrogena above). I'm not a cosmetic chemist, so you can take all of that with a grain of salt!

The texture is on the thicker side, and it's lightly scented and still retains some of that "sunscreen" smell - but barely, and it is gone by the time you apply. I apply sunscreen last, after the rest of my skincare; it is easy to apply and does seem to smooth out my skin without having the heavy silicone feel of traditional primers.

I know I was just talking about budget skincare items, but this sunscreen/makeup prep combo falls in a slightly different category for me, I think because it has a more noticeable effect, and the dual-purpose isn't as easily substituted with another product. (I've used Clinique's City Block and Super City Block in the past, and liked them, but they definitely were a little more greasy and not quite as lightweight, as well as tinted, which can make them a little less universal or versatile). Also, I don't know, I always smile a little when opening Tatcha packaging - it's always so lovely.

Tatcha's products are luxurious and this sunscreen is also meant to offer skincare benefits. I love that they offer trial sizes ($13 for 10 mL), and include full ingredients lists on their website. They also ship fast, based on the time that I did order directly from their site. My other favorite is the Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder, which I use a few times a week for exfoliation. I think I also want to try their Brightening Serum.

What are your Tatcha favorites? What's your go-to sunscreen?