Sunday, January 17, 2016

Budget-Friendly Skincare Basics

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It's me.

(I couldn't help it.)

But really, how are you? Did you have a nice holiday? My brother came up to visit with us for Christmas, which was really nice. We did some wine tasting and just relaxed, played a lot of board games (some of our favorites: Ticket to Ride, Smash Up, Carcassonne, and some of the ones listed here, as well), and made great food. I squeezed in a lot of fluffy cuddles with my dogs - and put them in the Christmas boxes, much to their dismay. (Follow me on Instagram! There are fluffy photos!)

I thought this drugstore skin post would be a good one to share, as a lot of people are always re-examining budgets at this time of year. In 2015, I rearranged some of the emphasis in my skincare products, investing more in pricier serums and turning back to drugstore brands for moisturizers. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for Extra-Dry Skin has become my moisturizer of choice - I just bought a second jar.

It's moisturizing without being heavy or greasy, and since I've been relying on serums for extra hydration, anti-aging and spot-correcting, all I want out of my moisturizer is some good, solid...moisturizing. This delivers. It's regularly priced at about $17.99 (1.7 oz), but it often goes on sale and I usually scoop it up around the $11-14 mark.

Just about ready to open the new jar.

I have a couple of plastic spatulas lying around from other jarred products, so while I don't love moisturizers in a jar, I've become less fussy about it. I just use a plastic spatula and there we go.

For all-over body moisturizing, I love Palmer's Daily Skin Therapy ($5.29 at Target). It's thick enough for winter without being greasy, and it's easy to rub into my skin. I store it upside down, because it can kind of become difficult to shake out (and the bottle is hard to squeeze), but otherwise, no complaints. Also, um, I don't like the smell (or, er, taste) of real chocolate, but this one smells a LOT like Too Faced's chocolate bronzers (see?) and it is delicioso. Another one I'm going to pick up again.

The last thing is one that I forgot to take a photo of, but it's the Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream (usually around $4-7, right now it's $4.84 at Target). S and I both like this one a lot, as it moisturizes well (you feel like it's actually doing something), but also does not leave your hands feel greasy or slippery - a total deal-breaker, as we spend all of our time at work typing or writing, and I hate feeling like I'm leaving a film a slug. NO SLUGS. At night, I use the Hand Chemistry cream, but that one is definitely a little more silicone in feel, and while the residue is ok at night before I go to bed, I couldn't deal with that throughout the day.

Ok, so, a roundup of three budget-friendly products isn't bad, right? These aren't mind-blowing or brand-spanking new or whatever, but they're new to me and reliable, and have been incorporated into my routine, so I thought they were worth sharing, in case you're in the market for one of these types of products. Anyway, drop me a line - how are you doing? Did you have any shift of priorities in 2015?