Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Sessions: IV

(What is a Sunday Session?)

Er, the last one I did was in September. But it's madness around here, guys. I apologize for not dropping in to catch up with everyone on their own blogs, but hopefully I will get a chance to at least say "hi" and chat with everyone on Twitter during the holiday season!


loving (beauty):
I haven't done a favorites post in years, it feels like, so here's my attempt. I bought the Hourglass palette a couple of months ago, and while I have reservations about the company's marketing practices, I have to say that they do powders damn well. Also, I've been using only cream blushes lately, because they seem so much easier to blend out in a rush, and have concluded that I could probably get rid of all of my powders (except MAC Stratus!). For eyes, I've been playing with color (MJ Siren) occasionally, but otherwise relying on easy neutrals; you know, the YSL palettes are actually quite good - I'm surprised I don't hear more about them. Finally, the Marc Jacobs Blacquer mini was a GWP from a Sephora order, and I really like it. It's definitely waterproof - it rubs off, rather than smears off, and that can be annoying in its own way, but if smearing is your problem - try this bad boy.

Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino (this translation is by William Weaver). It's a bunch of beautiful vignettes situated as an exchange between Kublai Khan and Marco Polo. I love poetic prose and fantastic realism like this; this is on loan from a friend, and I wish I had more time to appreciate it. Only partially through so far - hoping to finish it soon.

on repeat:
Chris Stapleton: Traveller. I love country music (although I'm less enamored with the generic dudebro trucks-girlsgirlsgirls-SODRUNK aspect *cough Luke Bryan cough*), and this album is good.  He and Justin Timberlake were gold at the CMAs.


One of S.'s aunts passed away last year after a battle with breast cancer. She used to send us Hallmark Keepsake ornaments every year, and I decided to keep collecting them in thankful memory of her. I bought two this year (one is from 2014, since I didn't think to buy one last year), which fall in theme with the rest of our ornaments - we have a lot of cooking/baking ones, dogs, and cartoons...perfectly sums us up, I think. I also like collecting handmade ones from craft fairs, but I love the personalizable aspect of these - and they are classics, aren't they?
The other thing I've been hoarding is Uni-ball Signo pens (0.38 mm). My boss stole one of mine after he saw how fine the point was and how smooth the gel was...and then he bought a ton of his own, ha. You'll be a convert, too! I write a lot as I record notes of things that I learn and that I try at work, and for me, it makes a huge difference to have comfortable, reliable pens.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy! Last push toward the end of the year, go go go! Let me know how you're doing. What are your recent reads, favorite albums, holiday traditions?