Monday, November 16, 2015

My Perfume "Wardrobe" Pt II: Everything Else

[Products were purchased by me, or gifts from friends. One was a free Sephora perk. No affiliate links.]

Find Part I: Bottles, here.

Ok, here are travel and mini fragrances (including indie selections, which are often available in smaller sizes). The size of the hoard is a bit embarrassing, to be honest, but I do frequently wear most of these as well (I wear perfume daily, unless I have a headache or otherwise don't feel like it). Links to reviews where applicable. I grouped them by brand where I could, just for some sort of organizational scheme.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine
I have a travel spray (part of a set that S bought me as a gift), and redeemed some Sephora points for a mini splash bottle, because I really like this one. It's not razzle-dazzle amazing, but it has the best genuine orange note that I have come across thus far. It is so real, like you just cut into the peel of the fruit, and the citrus scent crackles to life. The sandalwood and amber woods keep it a bit spicier, rather than sending it down the well-trodden citrus-clean route; this is one of my favorites, actually, and I find it easy to wear.
notes: Blood Orange, Bitter Orange, Jasmine, Geranium, Amber Woods, Tonka Beans, Sandalwood. 

Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée
I don't really like oak moss, but since I fell in love with Sweet Anthem's Black Queen, this has sort of grown on me. The vanilla-oakmoss combination does still kind of have a spiced, tart caramel-apple tinge (due to the lime + coriander, I imagine) to it, and since Sweet Anthem has sadly shuttered its doors, I will have to wear this to fill the gap. Also, the little blurb is really romantic (on Sephora's site).
notes: Lime, Cedrat, Coriander, Jasmine, Vetiver, Oak Moss, Vanilla, Oak Wood, Amber. 

Atelier Cologne Grand Néroli
This one smells like Fruity Pebbles. Yep, the cereal. That is all. It's a little reminiscent of Orange Sanguine, but it doesn't have the draw of that great, real orange note, and the cereal's weird. I don't wear this that often, but sometimes you wanna smell like childhood, I guess (or I guess I do, ha), so I kept it from the set.
notes: Orange Blossom Flower, Herbs, Musk, Vanilla. 

L'Occitane Verviene EdT
L'Occitane scents don't last very long at me at all (even accounting for the EdT formulations), and this is no exception. Still, I like the fresh, zesty verbena + geranium scent, especially in the summer, and if it were stronger, it'd prolly give me a headache, anyway (verbena sometimes does that to me). This is a 20 mL bottle that I don't think is available any more.
notes: lemon, orange, verbena, petit grain, rose, geranium

L'Occitane Vanille & Narcisse
This is a little splash bottle that I bought as part of a La Collection de Grasse mini 4-bottle set; I've used up 2/4 (Jasmin & Bergamot, Thé Vert & Bigarade), and will not go near the Magnolia & Mûre, so this is the last that I've got. It's a stronger, richer, spicy "floriental," so I don't wear it that often, but I'll have to pull it out again this winter - it does much better for me in cooler weather.
notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, narcissus, gardenia, vanilla, tonka bean
These are all tiny bottles! So much cute. The E&J is a rollerball.

Philosophy Amazing Grace
A simple classic. No frills, just clean musk - slightly floral, mostly clean, spritzy and inoffensive. I have a tiny 0.5 oz bottle because I like it just enough to have on hand.
notes: Bergamot, muguet Blossoms, musk. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
This was a Sephora perk, and is a rollerball. I don't like Nirvana White at all, but I quite like this one - especially for sexy date nights. Violet is rather mercurial on me, and I don't normally like sandalwood much, either, but this combination is killer - sweet, sexy, sultry. I think this one is more feminine than other similar scents. 
notes: Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla. 

Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise
A bit of a panic - have they discontinued this? I have the tiniest bottle (part of a gift set), and the tiniest drop left, and I always thought I would buy a full bottle when I finished this, but now I find that it has a much diminished presence in online shops. Eek. It's a great spritzy vanilla, and anise, guys, I love it.
notes: star anise, purple vanilla orchid, vanilla bourbon

Jo Malone Red Roses
A cautionary tale: I overdosed on rose somehow (and this was the only rose perfume I had, ha) and now I cannot wear anything that is predominantly rose. Maybe it's this really green rose combination that turned me off (it can be a bit sour). I don't know. I would hand this off to someone if I knew anyone near me who would take it! It's languishing.
notes: lemon, scarlet velvet rose, honeycomb

The rest of my smaller bottles are from Sweet Anthem (which can no longer be purchased), Solstice Scents, and Haus of Gloi - some of them are perfume oils or solid perfumes, and many were limited edition, so I'll just link previous reviews here.

Haus of Gloi Earl Grey
Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass (my annual winter favorite)
Sweet Anthem Lizie, Joan, Edith, Lucille, Fox

All right! Scent journey, over. I wish more companies offered smaller sizes (Atelier Colognes is great about that, actually), because those of us with, er, diverse collections don't need to buy big hulking bottles, you know? And, of course, travel sprays are easier to, you know, travel with, so that's always nice. I don't love rollerballs, because the application method does change the scent experience, but I know they do have their fans. What's your favorite mini perfume style - solid, spray, rollerball? Do you prefer full bottles, or do you buy mini versions when you can?