Monday, November 9, 2015

Color Story: Plums and Wine

Er, which could also be a food story, I suppose, but who's judging?

Right, so we're not wearing ALL of these things at once (although I sort of did that here, and the monochromatic look doesn't always turn out too bad).  But I've been so into these sorts of shades lately, in clothing and in makeup.

In the photo above:
Sorry, all the similar colors freaked out my camera. L-R: MAC Stratus, MJ palette last shade, maroon shade in OR316, mauve shade in RD299, MAC Amorous, Maybelline Intoxicated Spice, Etude House Blackberry Jam.

I've been pairing both the mauve shade from RD299 and the wine from OR316 (sometimes over Laura Mercier Amethyst) for a plum eye that's really gorgeous. Or, using the entire RD299 trio and pairing it with a plum stain (Blackberry Jam) or a glossy lip (Intoxicating Spice). I haven't gone really vampy yet this season...but I think I'm getting in the mood, soon.
On eyes: RD 299 + OR316; lips: Intoxicating Spice.

What color family are you loving right now?