Sunday, October 25, 2015

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation Stick in Y315 Sand

[Product was purchased by me.]

I've been sitting on this review forever, but Tracy's review inspired me to get off my ass and edit the photos, ha!

I don't typically wear foundation all over my face every day, but I like to get conceal redness along my jawline, and I also wanted something sunscreen-free that I could wear for photo-heavy occasions (like attending weddings). For a while, I was just using concealer (NARS Creamy Concealer), but I thought I'd give a stick foundation a try, because it's easier to travel with (it doesn't need to go in the clear liquids bag for carry-ons).
Shade: Y315.

I don't own any other Makeup Forever base products, and I didn't want to make a trip to the store, but I managed to pick my shade online - hurray! I purchased Y315; for reference, I wear NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard (which is what I used for comparisons in my swatches), Bare Minerals 03 Buttercream, MAC Mineral Concealer in NC20, DiorSkin Nude BB Cream in 02. You can also see foundations I used to wear (and still match, shadewise), here. When I bought it, it was a *touch* too pale, after I got a lot of sun this summer, but it's starting to look better already in the fall.

In direct sunlight.
The selling point of this for me was that it was supposed to work well over dry skin - it's supposed to be lightweight but still moisturizing, and not emphasize dry patches or other big dry skin no-nos.

And I think it does that. But I'm also a little bit confused. Here, I'll show you. I apply it in stripes and then buff it out with a damp Beauty Blender. I've also tried it with a flat top foundation brush, which is nice, but a little heavier in coverage. Below, I've shown the effect with a Beauty Blender. (All photos are in natural light, although I realized that I am wearing physical sunscreen in the photos below).
My skin has been horrible lately, I do not understand. I thought we were through being drama queens, but I guess we didn't leave that in high school, after all. All photos taken in natural light.
Above, I didn't apply it all over, since I wanted to be able to use this as sort of a "as needed" type of base. You can see where there's a nice golden blotch on my face in the last photo, right? I swear I tried to blend it out forever with the Beauty Blender. Didn't quite work out, no? The effect is a little less obvious with a flat topped brush. BUT, this effect is also only obvious in photos. And once I put on blush and bronzer and whatever else, it isn't as bad, either. Later, I also tried pushing it into the skin like I saw in a youtube video, and that seems to help, rather than blobbing.
Same as the photos above, but after bronzer and the rest of the "full face" type stuff - eyes, brows, etc.
And from the front, same thing.
No weird patchiness obvious here, right? Again, I applied the MUFE stick here mostly along the cheeks/jawline, but I wanted to show you the front view.
So, after that experiment, of course, I tried it as a full face foundation - STRIPES ERRYWHERE.
 It's nice, right? Look how nice. Some of my darker pigmentation spots are still visible, but that's ok. It covers up most of the redness along the jawline and it glows.
Did my brows, eye makeup, and blush, and undereye concealer.

And then a full face, all the makeup shot.
Full face afterward. Also, I used powder. Lipstick is Dior Frimousse.
Sorry, I know this is getting long. Texture-wise, I like it. It's light and doesn't drag, although even with a Beauty Blender you are going to get medium-ish coverage; upon close inspection, you can see more of that "foundation" texture (which some people like, and I don't love). It has a great glow and doesn't seem to break down too much on my dry skin, but like Tracy said, if I want it to stay put and locked in for the full day (which I don't always care about), it's good to use a setting powder. If you have oily skin, I think this one is probably going to be a bit too much. But I love its convenience and the finish (who knew foundation sticks could be so nice? I think they've come a long way!) and it gets a thumbs up from me! I do still use it as spot "concealer," because as I showed above, once you finish the rest of your makeup, it's all seamless anyway. And, last thing to note: when I wore it to a wedding, I skipped sunscreen.

I'd be curious to hear how it compares to, say, the TF or Bobbi Brown stick foundations. Anyone know?