Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Favorites Tag

[Products featured were purchased by me. No affiliate links.]

I was just thinking about doing a favorites post (and ultimately deciding, "No, I'm too lazy,") when Monika tagged me for the "Fall Favorites Tag." This one is always my favorite, so I rallied. Because autumn is my favorite season!

1. Favorite fall candle
Er. I haven't bought any yet this year (and I don't even have matches right now, ha) but in previous years I've loved B&BW Marshmallow Fireside. I also really like the Woodwick candles, because they crackle beautifully - really soothing on a calm, quiet night.

2. Favorite fall lip color

I like a vampy lip as much as the next person, but this year I've been really into MLBB shades. Dior Frimousse was reviewed here, and the gloss is Enchanted Rose from a previous Christmas collection...there's probably something similar in the permanent line, though. I find the glosses to be moisturizing, which is ideal for cooler weather (good thing I have five, ha.). The other lip product I've been loving - that is more on trend for the season - is Etude House's Blackberry Jelly Sugar Lip Tint.

3. Favorite fall drink

Sorry, I'm going to adult it up in here. We made these Cider Bourbon Jam Cocktails from How Sweet It Is last year, and they are insanely good. Need a repeat.

4. Favorite blush
Old photo, cheater cheater!

Uh, yeah. I think blush is my least favorite thing to shop for...*ducks*
I mean, all hail the importance of blush; if I forget it, I often look wan. I still have more than any sane person needs, but I rotate through them all pretty regularly. This is YSL Red Agate, a great terra-cotta with a fabulous texture..which I think has also been discontinued...*ducks again*

5. Favorite clothing item
Express Marled Extreme Circle Hem Tunic in Wild Orchid
Express Scuba Leggings
Sole Society Isani Pumps
Uniqlo Soft Woven Long Sleeve Dress in Dark Green
Joan and David Circa boots (old)

Fall fashion is my favorite! BOOTS, BABY, BOOTS. I post outfits on Instagram, under #pestozestolb. I'm no fashion blogger, but I'm trying to have fun and experiment with different looks. (Fun fact: my home is a shoe-free zone. I have to put them on for the photo, then take them off again, haha. #dork)

6. Favorite nail polish

I'm doing this instead of movie, because I can't really think of an autumnal themed movie and I hate scary shit. I apologize because I buy a lot of limited edition polish, but really, it's more about the color inspiration, right? Also, if you really want a banging fall polish post, you should check out Shannon's annual Halloween roundup.

7. Favorite fall TV show
I don't watch a lot of TV - I don't have one right now, actually. I watch football on my phone and my guilty pleasure is The Voice. I've also been watching The Muppets, although I feel like these days Miss Piggy has absolutely zero redeeming qualities...she used to be a little bit more relatable. Still, I have always loved The Muppets, and contrary to popular belief, there were always adult jokes on the show - we just didn't get them when we were kids. Enough already. (There are adult jokes in older Disney movies, too, you know. Watch them again.)

8. Favorite Thanksgiving dish
I. Love. Thanksgiving. Because, well, food. S. and I usually keep it small (and I'll be flying back for the holiday); I think this year we're going to do a sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, baked sweet potatoes, and some kind of pumpkin dessert. This one, I think.

9. Favorite Halloween costume
I love Thanksgiving, but am completely indifferent to Halloween. I don't even like chocolate, so cheap candy has no appeal for me. Bah, humbug. (What do you mean, wrong season? Grouchiness is for all seasons, thank you very much.) I do have a Jack Skellington beanie, though. That's like, festive, right?

10. Favorite fall perfume

I have been wearing Diptyque Eau Duelle pretty much daily since I bought it this summer, but the Sephora VIB sale is next week and my birthday is next month know what this means: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille will finally be mine! Swoon, baby. SWOON.

Need more? Tracy did it, too, and Denise, and of course, Monika, who tagged me. And we need MOAR. Lena, Gaelle, Laura, VB, I'm looking at you! And I would love to tag the southern hemisphere ladies, but I'm afraid they'll look at me funny, ha! You could do a spring version...