Friday, October 2, 2015

Collective Sigh of Relief: Revamped Dior Addict in Frimousse

[Product was purchased by me. * was a Sephora GWP, and ** was a gift from the bestie.]

I bought this in Korea, and with the exchange rate, it ended up being *slightly* less than in the US, so  hurray for that. I wanted to buy my mum another lipstick before I left, but I ended up with one for me, know how that goes (I bought a new Dior Addict in Lucky for her).

I don't own a lot of soft, feminine shades, and I decided it could be nice to own one in a comfortable formula. I actually think it's easier to find a budget-friendly red or vampy shade than a "natural" lip color shade, because with lighter colors, it's really easy to tell if the formula is lacking. Frimousse is a delicate peachy pink, with no shimmer (thank goodness).
L-R: Givenchy Le Rouge À Porter 201 Rose Aristocrate*, Dior Frimousse Addict, Laura Mercier Baby Lips**. The Addict is definitely the most comfortable to wear out of the three. I find the Givenchy a little tacky, and LM Baby Lips is more of a traditional creamy lipstick - I included it here for the contrast and color comparison.

I wasn't really worried about the reformulation; lipsticks can stand to be updated every so often, and if it did suck this time, well, I have more than enough lipsticks to last me until it gets reformulated again. It doesn't suck, though, and I like it; it feels a little more moisturizing than the previous iteration (of which I have 2 - Diablotine and Garçonne) - the product seems like it melts onto lips a little more graciously. And I love glossy finishes anyway, but this one has more of a healthy, natural finish than an intended "lipgloss" effect.

I wore Frimousse here, in this olive and peach look, so I am going to cheat and use another photo from that look.
This lipstick is a new fave.
I fall into what I consider the Lena camp when it comes to high-end lipstick - that is, it's worth it to buy a sheer, soft shade if you're going to wear it all the time, and if it's an easy to wear color, then you get to enjoy the formula all the time! That said, the darker shades are just as appealing - I always fall for sheer reds.

For more: See Frimousse (and other shades!) on Lily here (Frimousse is much darker on her).

The only problem I have with the new line is that I can't seem to find any clear breakdown that dictates which shades have which finishes (I don't want one with shimmer; pearl is sometimes okay, but generally, I prefer the glossy, jelly finish Addicts). They retail for $35, and I think if you love the old one, you'll be fine updating with these.