Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Etude House Lip Stains & Tints: Sugar Lip Tint in Blackberry Jelly

[Items were all purchased by me. No affiliate links.]

I'll start my brief, whirlwind tour of Korean beauty here, with Etude House's Sugar Tint Balm in Blackberry Jelly.

(Truth: all beauty products with food names are ten times more appealing).
Etude House Sugar Tint Balm in Blackberry Jelly (8000 ₩).
I didn't intend to do a lot of beauty shopping in Korea, and in the end, I came home with three Korean lip products and some sheet masks. The motivator: when I got there, every woman was wearing some form of lip stain/tint, and I was intrigued. My experiences with lip stains in the past has only been with those ultra dry pens, the Becca Beach Tint (also drying on lips) or my homemade concoctions.
Swatch of Etude House Sugar Lip Tint in Blackberry Jelly.

This one is not the classic watery tint (I have one of those to show you later) - it's more of a jelly finish, very modern looking tint. More pigmented than the Fresh tinted balms; it's really more of a lipstick - at least, this shade is. The lighter shades (full selection here) still had a translucency to them, and didn't seem chalky in swatches. I've been wanting a sheer plum, though, for autumn, and this was it.
Wearing Blackberry Jelly. I've been favoring this sort of clean look with a slick, bright lip. Also, we walked a lot out in the sunshine in Korea - I tanned, baby.
It's comfortable to wear and the exchange rate worked in our favor - I think it was about $6.67 at the current exchange rate (8000 ₩). I would say the formula is, er, more buttery smooth than the Revlon lip butters (I disliked those) or any western drugstore equivalent. But I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to buy them up on eBay, or anything, either.
A color/texture comparison with Blackberry Jelly (Sugar Tint Balm) and the Dear Darling Tint in Berry Red.

I wish there were more offerings like this here - more of the jelly finish with a healthy translucence, versus a heavy, creamy texture. It's really representative of the current popular beauty aesthetic that I saw in Korea this summer: an emphasis on a flawless base (cue lots of dewy foundation), barely there eye makeup (if any), and a stained matte or glossy lip.

Not everyone pulled it off beautifully, contrary to what K-pop videos and K-dramas would have us believe - there were some patchy lips here and there, or super parched lips in need of some balm - the same problems that plague us mere mortals! But I think since this stained/jelly lip is more on trend there, there is an abundance of products and much more choice in what you can use to achieve the look. I am a fan of the stained lip, so I picked up a few products. I think this is my favorite of the three, but it's also the most similar to what you could find here in the U.S., so perhaps it's just because I find it to be a more tried and true type of formula and texture. I do like the Dear Darling Tint too, though, and I shall blog about that next. Or next after next. You know how it goes.

Overall, it was lots of fun to see beauty trends manifest in the daily populace in a different country (and also interesting to see that western standards of beauty - e.g.,  promotions featuring Caucasian actresses - were still beaming all over makeup counters) - totally part of the fun of traveling. Do you notice beauty trends when you travel? Do you participate?

(If you're in the US and are looking to try one of these, I see that they are available on Amazon, though I know nothing about this vendor and haven't purchased one this way myself. Not an affiliate link.)