Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dewy-Finish Foundation Alert: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream Review

[Product was purchased by me, and there are no affiliate links here.]

My preference is for my base makeup to have a dewy-finish, and although I don't wear foundation daily anymore, it's nice to have something on hand for days when you want more coverage - for example, if you want to do a clean, barely-there look with bold red lips, and need to minimize any redness you might have. Having dry skin, I also try to avoid anything that touts "matte finish" or "oil-control," and actually, I want something hydrating. The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream rather fits that bill.
Moderately priced at $29 for 1.18 oz.

I don't really care if foundation has sunscreen in it (and actually, I prefer it without, since I use an all-mineral sunscreen daily, and a lot of chemical sunscreens seem to break me out, plus I think foundation is more versatile without, as you can use it for flash-photography events), but if it has to have it, I prefer physical sunscreens. This one is SPF 30 with 6.2% titanium dioxide (full ingredients here). It is definitely a cream versus a liquid, and squeezes out in discrete blobs, rather than trickling out in a runny mess - the packaging suits.
On the left, I have moisturizer, serum, sunscreen and eye cream on. On the right, I just applied the bareMinerals thing.

And here it is! I wear 03 Buttercream, which is a yellow shade. I tried 02 Vanilla, which they say is "neutral," but it was still too pink for me. This one suits much better. You can see that it doesn't fully cover freckles or spots, but it makes everything look more even and less blotchy. It looks a bit matte in this photo, but it definitely is dewy in person. I also often spritz a bit of MAC Fix+ just to keep it that way. I apply with fingers to a freshly moisturized face; I find the Beauty Blender eats too much of this one, and sheers it out too much, as well. Fingers works fine, and that's actually what the back of the tube instructs (see above photo).

Here's a comparison with NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard (which is what I normally wear daily to just cover up a bit of redness - I apply with the wand and then blend out with a damp Beauty Blender). The bareMinerals cream (gel, whatever) is a touch more yellow, but both meld nicely into my skin and don't look out of place or unnatural.

This is supposed to be a "BB, CC and tinted moisturizer" all in one (which, to me, means it's a tinted moisturizer, since that's what I categorize all of those things as, especially in their non-Asian beauty brand manifestations), and supposed to improve skin hydration over time. Like I said, I don't wear foundation daily anymore, so I can't speak to that, but it's nice to have a tinted moisturizer on hand, and I like this one a lot. Compared to my other tinted moisturizer (the Diorskin Nude BB Cream), this one is more hydrating and has a dewier finish. It does have a limited shade range (10), but since it is not full coverage, I think there is a bit of leeway, and it also addresses different undertones. However, it is, as many brands are, unfortunately skewed heavily to fairer skintones, and I don't know how deep the darkest shade is. Finally, of course, I think this one is targeted to those with drier skin (a relief to me, after the recent popularity of those oil-serum-mattifying products, which sound lovely, but are not for me).