Monday, June 22, 2015

Thinx: For Women With Periods (Review)

[Products were purchased by me.]

When I posted about these Thinx panties on Instagram, I got a lot of requests for reviews, so here you go: underwear on the blog (what will she do next?). This is a rather long post, as I tried to address any possible questions (i.e., all the questions I had while looking at these and ordering).
They come packaged in individual organza bags, with care instructions.

And, well, they're not just any panties, mind you. They're period panties. They're meant to replace panty liners (which we all hate) or otherwise play backup to your main absorption device (tampon or cup). There are three kinds - a thong (I know, I made that wtf face too, just wait for it), a cheeky cut, and a hiphugger cut. Each has a different maximum absorption (ranging from ~1/2 tampon's worth in the thong, to 2 tampons worth with the hiphugger). Thinx offer discounts for multiples, so I bought five, because really, my cycles last 4-6 days and if these were going to work, I wanted to have enough of them without having to do laundry every day.
On the left, the cheeky. On the right, the hiphugger. They come in both black, and nude.

I bought one thong, three cheekys (cheekies?), and one hiphugger. Four of them were black, and one was nude - a cheeky cut. The nude one is still lined in black at the crotch on the inside, but it is opaque enough that it would work with lighter pants. They are lined at the bottom (but it's thin, and not like wearing a pad - even the thinnest pad is bulkier) and made out of a nice, moisture-wicking material. It's hot and sweaty here, and it totally sucks when your underwear is and sweaty. We don't want that kind of hot and heavy, you guys.

They are also trimmed in lace, which I personally don't mind - part of the problem I have with normal panties that get consigned to "that time of the month" is that they're bulky and ugly and make me feel even worse. These are tasteful, but I know some people prefer no frills underwear, so hopefully Thinx will come out with more designs in the future to address that.

Ok, so. The big question: do they work?

Yes, yes they do. I will warn that I don't have particularly heavy days - in general I buy regular tampons and panty liners, and pads for maybe 1 day of the cycle. But I hate pads and panty liners - they rustle, they stick to you, they fold up weird and twist and leak, and you are always aware of them - and with these, I will probably never buy a pad or panty liner again. Basically, I'm a tampon girl. I used these with tampons, and I was completely fine. I did use the thong on its own on that first day, and it was also fine. I also used a cheeky alone for part of a day, to test. Fine. No stains, no leaks, no stickiness, no uncomfortable wetness, no twisting or bunching. 

My cycles are also pretty regular, but I think these are especially excellent if your cycles aren't particularly regular - you know, we all have those nervous days where we're not sure, but then we really don't want to wear a pad all day if nothing's going to happen, but then how are you going to know??? Just put on one of these. You're set.

Laundry is simple. I just rinse them by hand (in cold water) when I shower at the end of the day, and hang it to dry on the line or some out of the way spot. They're dry by morning, and then they wait to be washed when I do a load. I put them in a delicates bag for the machine, wash in cold water with the rest of my delicates/light colors and then air dry them after the wash. Easy peasy - it has to be. I'm not one to mess around with complicated domestic tasks.

I think if you have a really light flow, you could probably get away with wearing this alone here and there (I did). I was a little worried about it at night, since only the crotch is lined and who knows how I sleep, but it was ok with a tampon (oh my god, this entire post is TMI, but hey, you asked). I was also a little worried that it might start to smell throughout the day, but I didn't notice that much - and I'm really sensitive to smell. It would be just like wearing a pad.

They run $24 (thong), $29 (cheeky), $34 (hiphugger), with 10%, 15% or 20% off with 3, 5, or 7 pairs, respectively. They can currently only be purchased at Thinx (FAQ here), and if you sign up for their newsletter you get free shipping. They are on the pricey side, but they are made of a durable material and I feel they are worth my peace of mind. And they're comfortable. Just like regular underwear. Which is how it should be, right? Plus, no more pads. Ever.

Anyway. I'm on board. I'm all for feeling empowered and not like I have to be extra hesitant or uncomfortable just because it's stupid period time. Also, we're empowering other women with every Thinx purchase. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try to answer them.