Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Ladyflower

[I'm on the east coast! HOLLA. But this is still a previously scheduled post - I'm trying to get my feet under me here in the new place.]

[Product was a gwp sample.]
Ok, so let's just stop here for a moment and collectively roll our eyes at the shade names. Ladyflower, yeah, no more objectifying women and idolizing virginity and innocence. And Walk of Shame...let's just stop shaming sex and the sex-related decisions that adults make. I know UD tries to be all risqué, and I'm not offended by references to sex - but these are hardly progressive. And yeah, they're just names. And it's just branding, hm?

Is it cheating to go through my sample packet for my scheduled posts? All of my makeup was packed in sealed boxes, you guys. All I had was a lip brush and a sample packet. I WIELD THEM BRAVELY.

(I know what you are thinking: Lazy Larie has a lip brush?)

Yes, yes she does. (Only because Lily gave it to me, ha!).

I am kind of confused by the marketing for these. The back of the sample packet tells me I can get the primer clear pencil and the corresponding colored lip pencil, and use them under this (or get the matching non-sheer lipstick!). All of which...makes it less...sheer?
Swatched it with the other plummy pink I have. Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has more of a creamy, satin finish, though, and is more red.

Whatever. I think they're more "jelly" finish shades vs. traditional sheers (as Lily and Kristen have said). All that aside (also ignoring its eye-roll-inducing shade name), Ladyflower isn't bad, but I love the color and finish more than the texture. It is a plum pink that's very wearable and brightens my face. I've been rueing the lack of office-friendly sheer lip shades in my hobbit hole lately; I think it would be easy to just throw on in the morning with the usual basic neutral face (like this or this).
Wearing Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipstick in Ladyflower.

But it is a bit tacky and I don't feel like the glossy appearance translates into a hydrating or really moisturizing texture. Sometimes the little sample daub isn't as indicative of how the tube ($22) performs, though. Does anyone have one of these? What do you think about them? Or, what's your favorite sheer lipstick line?