Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Sheers: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Shame

[I'm on the east coast! But this is still a previously scheduled post - I'm trying to get my feet under me here in the new place.]

[Product was a sample GWP].

I showed Ladyflower here and reported that it didn't feel super comfortable. I figured since I didn't have much else to do (besides, erm, pack), I might as well go through the others and see if any of them were any better, texture-wise. The next one I tried was Shame.

It's a plummy berry; I swatched it above with Dior Lucky Addict Extreme (a bright pink on me) to show how much more plum/berry UD Sheer Shame is. Compared to Ladyflower, Shame's formula has a little more slip and makes it more comfortable for me to wear. It's in the vampy family of shades, but the sheerness makes it less dramatic. I like it, and although the color is not something I particularly need (got lots of sheer pink/fuchsias), it gives me hope that some of the other ones in the line might be winners for that ultimate everyday sheer lipstick with a comfortable formula.
On eyes: MJ Enigma palette (1, 6, 7) and L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara.

Here it is on my face. I wore it with a hat.

Also, I love when Dennison is in my photos. Or Sheeba, although she doesn't hang out with me as much (she's S.'s shadow). I miss both of them, as they're still with S.

So I haven't written these off, I guess, although I don't think either of the remaining shades in my little sample card are going to be the MLBB shade I'm looking for. Ah, well. I still want to know what they look like, ha! What's your favorite MLBB sheer shade in a moisturizing formula?