Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five Reds for All of Your Moods (and Faces)

[This is a scheduled post. We're on the road! I will have access to email, etc., though, so I will see your comments. Thanks for reading!]

[All of these products were purchased by me.]
From top, clockwise: NARS Mascate Pure Matte, Rouge Dior in Trafalgar, Rouge d'Armani 400, Maybelline Color Elixir in Signature Scarlet, MAC Lady Danger.

Red lip products are kind of the powerhouses of the beauty world, in my opinion (well, of colored cosmetics. Foundation and concealer are pretty badass). Red lipstick is iconic, and many makeup lovers covet the perfect shade.

Or, erm, five.

I picked five of my favorite reds, that suit a variety of moods and occasions, and complement different looks. I picked permanent shades, in case you had a hankering for any of these. Reds are great for many occasions, and whenever summer comes around I always reach for them more often - it's easy to dial down the makeup in the summer (so hot!) and throwing on a red lip can make all the difference on an otherwise minimalist face.

I know, from the swatches above, it looks like Lady Danger and Trafalgar should be considered orange, but they're definitely orange-red - it's more apparent in face shots.

MAC Lady Danger (#ladiesdanger) is a matte, totally bright and always selfie-worthy. It's a femme fatale shade. It is BOSS. It can make teeth look yellow, though, and your lips will definitely need a moisturizing balm after removal at the end of the day.

Rouge Dior Trafalgar (844) is a sophisticate. It's glossy and smooth, and the wear time is incredible. In the summer, I prefer warmer reds, and this is perfect for a classic look with a winged eye. It is similar in color to Lady Danger, but the style is very different. Works with a tee and jeans, works with your fabulous black dress.

Rouge d'Armani 400 is a true red. It has the shiniest, most beautiful gel-like finish, and doesn't lean too orange or blue.

NARS Mascate is what I like to call my "super model" lipstick. It's hot, you guys. It's a matte, deep red that lasts and lasts. MAC Dubonnet is brighter and glossier. Laura Mercier Mink is much lighter. It's more on the vampy side and I tend to wear it more in the fall/winter than the warmer months.

Maybelline Color Elixir Signature Scarlet is a pigmented, creamy gloss. Worn alone, it is more of a juicy, sheer red that can unfortunately bleed along lip lines after a while. I think I might try wearing clear lip liner under it (my favorite is the Dior Universal one, but I think Urban Decay and L'Oreal also make some) to prevent that. But worn alone, it's a nice toe in the water for those who aren't totally on board with red. You could also wear it over a red lipliner or over a red lipstick for added sass and gloss.

I have pretty much stopped buying red lipstick (because, um, this isn't the extent of the Larie red lip product collection), and am happy with the variety that I do already have. What are your favorite reds? Do you think one red suits all occasions, or do you have a variety, as well?