Saturday, May 9, 2015

Doubled Winged Liner: Blue + Black

[This is a scheduled post. We're on the road! I will have access to email, etc., though, so I will see your comments. Thanks for reading!]

The double winged eye: I've done this before (cue giggling at old photos), but I figured the blog could use an updated version of that post, as I do still wear this look from time to time.
On eyes: YSL Afrique, Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner, Sephora Pool Party (also used here and here).

Basically, you line your upper lashline with black liquid liner (need tips?) - I prefer black liquid liner here because the effect is sharp and crisp. Also, there isn't any creamy gel or other different texture to gunk up the colored liquid liner that comes next.
After lining with black, go above the black line with the colored liner (I used Sephora Pool Party), as shown above. You'll probably want to extend the color liner a little further in both directions, as you can see above.

When my lopsided eyes are open normally, you can't really see the stacked liner, but using a black liner near the lashline helps retain the eye definition (especially if you don't want to use mascara; I did, here, miraculously) and contrasts better with the colored liner over it. I often do this with a black liquid liner and a colored pencil (like the Sephora pencils), as well - it's not as crucial for the colored component to be liquid.

These are old photos...this look was for this year's Super Bowl! (I still don't want to talk about it, ok?)

What fun eye looks do you like to do with colored liners? What are your favorite colored liners? I hear great things about the Marc Jacobs ones, but I don't wear colors often enough to shell out so much $ for them - the Sephora ones are my current favorites and are just $13.