Thursday, April 9, 2015

Now and Then: Pastels

I was cleaning up the iMac and poking through my old photos, and found a pastel look that I had tried. I quite liked it, even though I'm not sure MAC Peachstock works in real life - it seems like more of an editorial thing to me, every time I try it. I've tried toning it down with gloss, but I'm not sure I love that, either.


Here are the old photos - you'll notice the old 'do. I thought I'd give it another shot and update it a bit, and also to see if I could do the same look twice, ha.

The first time, I used NARS primer before setting down the lavender shade from the Shiseido VI308 trio; look how vibrant that lavender is! I finished with black liquid liner and mascara. For blush, I used YSL Red Agate, because the cream texture doesn't compete with the powdery satin of the pastel eyes, and the warm, reddish tint contrasts the cool lavender and keeps the look from veering into Easter bunny territory. It also helps to tie in MAC Peachstock, as well. I finished with some highlighter, as you can see.
This was post-summer, obviously. I miss that tan. *sobs* Also, I'm not sure why the eyelashes of one eye hold a curl much better than the other. Life's mysteries, you guys.

This time around, I skipped the primer - the shadow still comes across beautifully, but has more of a sheen and softer effect, since it blends into my skin a little more. I used the same blush (and Diorskin Nude BB Cream) and MAC Peachstock once again. I try to tone down Peachstock by applying it over balm, but I think the problem here is that it looks way better when I have a little more color. Will try it with some bronzer next time. I haven't been wearing powder or highlighter lately, either, because I think it just emphasizes how pale I am right now. BRONZER.
This photo emphasizes the need for bangs on my face shape, ha!

I think this experiment has convinced me to give MAC Peachstock a few more chances, because I think it actually is a decent "concealer lips" shade for me, especially when I have a little more color (i.e., not right after dreadful winter). Also, this reminded me that I love Shiseido trios ever so much, and I will eventually have all of them. If you ever need to get me a present - you know what to do. Ha!

Ok, I've paid my dues to spring with all the proper pastels and muddy browns. TIME FOR SUMMER. Except I'll be in a humid place this year, so I'm kind of afraid. Mosquitoes. Ew. I moved off a tropical island for a reason, you guys.

How do you feel about pastels and concealer lips? Are you as hopeful for summer as I am?