Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Building on Brown Basics

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Because I am boring. 

(Ah, alliteration.)

Just to add variety to all of the "spring!" going on, here are some browns. Two of them were LE (*ducks*) but I think you can definitely find similar shades out there, so all is not lost.

These are products that I use to compose a "basic face," - something neutral that works equally well with understated, MLBB-type lip colors, as well as brighter ones.
L-R: Maybelline Creamy Beige Color Tattoo, MAC Moleskin, Sephora 10 Matte Brown Black, MAC Spiked, Lingering.

Maybelline Creamy Beige Color Tattoo was a gift from Liz; I was initially worried that it would be too dark for an all over lid color (I usually prefer brightening neutrals like these), and I also hadn't had much success with the Color Tattoo Metal that I had. But this one is nice! It's creamy and stays on lids without much creasing (I don't use primer under this), and is a nice, muted, shade that matches really well with MAC Moleskin (gifted by another fabulous person). I layer the two - lightly buffing the powder shadow over the cream base - for an easy-peasy eye look that still retains dimension.

I finish that eye look with a Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in 10 Matte Brown Black; this is my third shade from the line and I really like it. There is a little flaking once in a while (on application only), but otherwise it stays put all day. I know I always tout the glories of liquid liner, but lately I've been favoring the more natural effect that this dark brown pencil has. The other end of the pencil has a smudge tip and also a sharpener, which is handy, although I don't find it really needs to be sharpened that often.

Finally, two MAC brow pencils: Lingering and Spiked. I use my Gimme Brow every day, but sometimes I like to fill in spare patches or do a little more shaping, and I opt for either of these (the color depends on whatever look I'm going for that day). Both are great, and I've gone through a couple - they are accepted as Back-to-MAC empties, which is excellent.

Here's an example wearing Maybelline Creamy Beige, MAC Moleskin, and Sephora 10 Matte Brown Black; eyebrows are just Gimme Brow, I think.
Lipstick is Laura Mercier Baby Lips.

I've been wearing a lot of either MLBB or BRIGHT lip shades, and this easy look suits both, which is great for me - I just need to change up the blush and lip color, and I'm done.