Monday, March 2, 2015

Take a Step Back...and Be Kind to Yourself

Lately I've found it hard to review products, mostly because it takes a level of scrutiny that I've been admitting is unrealistic. Example:

The scene: Slightly fudged my lipstick application - the line around my lips is wobbly in parts.
Reaction: Peer closely at said wobbly line in mirror, with my eyeballs an inch away from the mirror, breathing heavily as I inspect the mishap. (Now I must wipe the mirror.) Is it okay? Must I redo it? (Because, hello, lazy). Second opinion time!

Me: "Look at my lipstick. Can you tell that it's super messy around the edges? Should I redo it?"
S (standing a normal distance away): *looks at my face for a moment* "No. Looks fine."
Me: "Are you sure? What if you look at it closely?"
S (doesn't move): "It's fine. If anyone gets that close to your face, you have other problems."
Me: ...

Verdict: Fuck it. MESSY LIPSTICK STAYS. Life is too short.

You see? Now, I won't be taking blog photos of that (or will I? Muahaha. Ha. Ha.), because up close and personal - like everything is on the blog - it's a bit much, and readers may wonder how I ever made it out of kindergarten without learning how to color in the lines. But the average other person, out and about? Won't even notice. So I'm learning to let it go.

(Er, unfortunate choice of words. I am not, and will never be, a "Frozen" advocate.)

That is, I have been making an effort to take a step back from the mirror after applying products. If it looks good from there, it looks good. All it needs now is a smile. Here's the cheesy reminder to be more forgiving of ourselves and the faces we see in the mirror. Especially as beauty bloggers and beauty aficionados, who spend a lot of time critiquing and scrutinizing every detail or skin flaw - be kind!

(Goes great with a pinot gris, this cheese. Enjoy your Monday.)