Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Currently Loving: March 2015

Palouse Falls, WA. We hiked there a few weekends ago. The falls are gorgeous and huge!
Haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought it'd be fun (the last was May 2014!).

1. Hiking!
The weather has turned unseasonably warm here, so we've been trying to take advantage and experience the sights around the area. We hiked Palouse Falls a few weekends ago (I shared some of these photos on Instagram) and have plans to go hiking again in a new place this weekend. The dogs really enjoy it, although Dennison does make me nervous sometimes - he is practically a mountain goat, but forgets that there is a human on the other end of his leash!
You see? He just bounds up to cliff edges and peers over curiously, wanting to go go go! Sheeba is a bit more prudent so I don't have any perilous cliff photos of her.
He could be like that gnome in travel photos.
2. Pink.
I'm usually all about red and orange, but lately most of my lip choices have been pink - particularly these five.
L-R: Lancôme Lip Lover in Framboise Étoile, Maybelline Lip Elixir in Intoxicating Spice, Breathtaking Apricot, MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Pleasant (a gift - thanks, you!), Marc Jacobs mini Le Marc Lip Crème in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Sephora BI perk).
Swatched in not the same order, because why would I do that? L-R: Maybelline Breathtaking Apricot, MAC Pleasant, Lancôme Framboise Étoile, Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Maybeline Intoxicating Spice.

3. Coffee Break French.
I'm still poking about with Duolingo (it's awesome if you want to learn a language!), but I've also started listening to Coffee Break French (a podcast) again. I tried it a few years ago and didn't stick with it, but now I listen while baking, or knitting, or sometimes even when working out at home, and am making more progress. They're short, ~20 minute episodes that really help with pronunciation and listening comprehension, which are my weak points when it comes to learning a language. And, they've got Scottish accents, which makes it just that much more fun.
4. Changing up the fitness routine.
I mentioned that I need to mix it up pretty often, or I get bored. Also, changing it up usually produces better results, since your muscles can adapt to any one exercise over time and the benefits are reduced. I've made 2015 the year for shaping and strengthening arms, so I have been looking for new free weights exercises to add to my usual routine. This list is pretty great, and after adding just a few, I'm already getting back that beautiful, post-workout ache.

What fun things have you been focusing on lately? What's your favorite pink lip product?