Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That Faint Winter Flush: Two Cream Blush Picks

[Both featured products were gifts from the most fabulous friend.]

In the winter, my face is usually at its palest and driest; I sometimes get redness along my jawline that isn't always fully concealed with my base makeup. The freezing, windy weather outdoors, coupled with heated living spaces, generally adds a bit of color to my cheeks anyway, so during this season, I opt for cream blushes that I can stipple lightly into cheeks for just the barest hint of color - usually in a shade that matches my natural flush (as Bobbi Brown says, pinch your cheeks - the color will show. That bit of advice always makes me giggle, but I suppose it's useful).
These are my daily blushes right now: MUFE HD Blush in 225 and Clarins 02 Candy Multi-Blush. I use the RT Stippling Brush or a Sephora duo-fiber finishing powder brush from a set (way too small for that, in my opinion. Apparently my face is a lot bigger than the Sephora brush makers suspected.)
I took a nice picture of the fresh pan of MUFE 225! *pats self on back*

They're both peachy coral. The Clarins Multi-blush is a little more pink and has some gold sparkles in it; it's hard to overdo and it seems to adhere to bare skin just as well as over foundation. The finish is very natural and it blends very well into skin. MUFE 225 is a touch more peach and has no glitter or shimmer; it has a satin finish that, for me, looks better over foundation. It's more pigmented, though, so if you like your blushes to pack a punch, this is the way to go.
I had a sample of MUFE 410, so I added that to the lineup. You can't quite see the sparkles in the Clarins blush, but they are usually visible on skin. Still tasteful, though. The Clarins blush has a harder, more powdery texture; the MUFE blushes are definitely creamy - not cream-to-powder.
Here is Clarins 02 Candy in a overall warm look, and then a cooler look. It suits both, so it's quite versatile - same for MUFE 225.
Lipstick is Dior Trafalgar. Man, I love that lipstick, and lately, when I reach for red, it's for an orange-red.
Overall cooler - still Clarins 02 Candy. Lips are Dior Enchanted Rose gloss. Sorry for the lighting change. Natural winter light in WA state is a fickle, mean thing.
If I were to buy another one, I would opt for MUFE, because the shade range is larger and I love the 410 sample that I have - such a beautiful flush, though a little more vibrant than I currently want (see all the reasons above), and it stipples beautifully into bare skin. I think it's a little thinner than 225, possibly because it's not as pale (as if it were white-based). But I am happily using both of these picks, and don't really have a wandering eye at the moment.

Clarins Multi-blushes are $30 for 4 g; MUFE HD blushes are $26 for 0.09 oz (about 2.6 g). Both of mine here were gifts.