Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Skincare Edit: Winter is Coming

Er, well, winter is here.

(You see how long drafts sit in my folder? Dirty, dirty secrets.)

Anyway, here are some super profesh (that word kills me, I must use it) iPhone photos of my AM and PM skincare. I don't typically overhaul the entire regimen with each season, since that leaves lots of random bottles lying around. I'll add serums and such as necessary, since those are easier to maintain through the weather and temperature changes. I also have dry skin, so I tend toward hydrating products throughout the year. In the daytime, this is what I go through.
And Oscar.
The Estee Lauder Soft Clean toner is meant for dry skin and is really nice for prepping skin - it leaves my face feeling cushiony. Then I apply the Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum (oops, everything in the photo is in the wrong order here, ha), and La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche. I rotate between the Vichy ProEven eye cream and the Shiseido Ibuki eye cream; the former is more hydrating, the latter layers better under makeup and is brightening. I finish with sunscreen - Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid SPF 50 (all physical sunscreen). This can leave a faintly white cast on those with deeper complexions, but I use it every day. I've been thinking about picking up my old favorite, Clinique Super City Block SPF 40, since I've heard it's been changed to an all physical formula (haven't confirmed this, though - does anyone know? The SPF 25 has been, but I don't know about the SPF 40 version), and it is tinted, so it layers beautifully under makeup. As a rule, I prefer my moisturizer and sunscreen to be separate products, because I like to be able to pick and choose qualities for both. 

There is one exception, however. Most days, we get up early to walk the dogs and then go to the gym; on those days, I want a simple moisturizer + sunscreen to slap on my face as soon as I get up, and then I follow up with the regular rigamarole above after I take my post-gym shower. It's incredibly hard to find an all physical sunscreen-moisturizer combo, but I just picked this up from Target. I've had luck with the "Yes to" line before, so I have high hopes for this.
Sunscreen components: Zinc Oxide (11.0%), Titanium Dioxide (6.2%) 
Now, for nighttime. Again, EL toner, and then I alternate between the Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum (to address hyperpigmentation - this is the best thing I've used for that purpose, thus far) and the Nude Skincare Advanced Renewal Serum, which is all around amazing. I think this almost single-handedly helped re-adjust and brighten my skin again after moving to the much drier desert environment. 

For PM moisturizers, since my serums do the heavy lifting, I decided to try something simple from the drugstore, the Aveeno Active Naturals Smart Essentials Night Cream. It smells kind of like chamomile, but I don't mind the scent. About once a week, I substitute the Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight moisturizer (sample) instead, for something a little more intense. I might purchase this next time - I like most of the Philosophy skincare items that I've tried. For eye cream, I like Ole Henriksen's Ultimate Lift Eye Gel (this is the older formulation), and for spot treatments, I use Clean & Clear (although I do not use this if I'm using the Shiseido White Lucent serum on the same night). Once a week or so, I like to use the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask. I'm about halfway through this jar, and I really like the brightening, firming effect it has. 
I feel like I've been talking forever, so let's just wrap this up. I'm pretty happy with the current skincare situation, although I might pick up another overnight mask in the future - I really want to try the NUDE Skincare overnight mask. Anyone else have any great skincare finds?