Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Birthday/Holiday Wishlist

Birthday/Holiday Wishlist

I know the Sephora VIB sale starts tomorrow, but everyone else has done brilliant posts and it's dangerous to look at any more makeup. I wanted to do a skincare post, but the photos are bringing me down, dudes. So I am now, instead, procrastinating and talking about the items on my birthday/holiday wishlist. This is the birthday month! And the holidays come tumbling after. I'm trying to think big, in an effort to save up and get some of those bigger items I've been looking after; I've been feeling the quality vs. quantity battle a little bit lately, and this probably reflects those thoughts. I've also been feeling cluttered and want to start replacing things around our home, like furniture (I want a nice big sofa piece, and a new coffee table), as well as new dishes and cookware. One at a time, I know, but that makes my wishlist more focused, and less beauty-oriented, this time around. All the little lipsticks add up, and I want a new couch!

Clockwise from top left (no affiliate links):

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille ($215 for 1.7 oz): every time I go to Nordstrom, I make sure to get a spray card of it. It still smells magically enticing, and I love the dark smokiness that melts into sexy, sultry vanilla. This is the ultimate perfume on my wishlist right now.

2. Sorel Joan of Arctic wedge boots, in Grill/black ($240): I tried these on in Nordstrom when I was in Seattle, and was sold. They're waterproof and they have this cute wedge, but also these grittier details and a sturdy sole. My old Cole Haan waterproof boots finally disintegrated beyond all repair (I wore them basically for six months straight every year in Seattle) and I need a new pair. I've got other knee & ankle boots - and frilly boots and colorful boots - so I like these for their in-between height and nice arch support. Spoilers: S. said I could have them for my birthday. *fistpump* Dry feet are important, y'all.

3. iPad Mini 2/3 ($299/$399): I don't think I need the newest one. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I sometimes just want to browse stuff and don't want to pull out my laptop for this. So. Tablet it is.

4. The Chemistry of Fragrances ($48): It's a chemistry book about perfume. I'm not an organic chemist, but I love reading about this specific kind of chemistry, and I want to have this to look at and read through.

5. Conair Pro Styler Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer ($21.99): Seriously, I don't know jack rabbits about hair dryers. But, we go to the gym in the early AM, then shower, and then I'm left with wet hair at that point. My hair dries pretty quickly if left to its own devices, but I just want to have something on hand, that I could use sometimes (or never, ha). If you have thoughts about hair dryers, let me know.

6. Tashi Feather earrings ($74): I love Tashi jewelry (and they're from Vancouver, BC!) for their simple, clean designs. Also, I like birds and feathers. And statement earrings. Always earrings.

7. Bobbi Brown Porcelain Pearl ($52): I have been feeling like my highlighters are a bit too, lately, and I wanted something subtle and barely there. I also don't own a finishing powder (well, I have the NARS light-reflecting powder, but I think this is a bit of a different effect) and this one is so pretty to look at!

8. NEST Vanilla Orchid & Almond candle ($34): I don't have many candles or burn them that often, but it's nice to have at least one or two. Right now I just have a small Voluspa Chestnut & Vetiver (courtesy of the grand Liz-Bob), and it's almost reached the end of its beautifully fragrant life. I keep smelling this NEST one every time I see it in store, so I think that means I have to have it. Plus, it's pretty, and I might even try one of those ubiquitous tutorials about cleaning it out afterward to store other things.

Well! If you have thoughts about any of these (as in, it sucks, Larie, don't buy it), please let me know! Or recommendations for a couch set. Or DISHES. Or pans and skillets. Being a grown-up is both hideously depressing and wildly fun, isn't it?