Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything: Esqido Mink Lashes Voila and Little Black Lash

[Product was provided by PR for review.]

I reviewed ESQIDO mink lashes Oh So Sweet and Lashlorette in the past, and this time I thought I'd try two from both ends of the false lash spectrum - the more natural looking Little Black Lash, and the more va-va-voom Voila. These are, again, beautifully lush false lashes made from naturally shed mink hairs.
I already trimmed the band of the Voila pair here.
I used clear Duo glue and Sephora's Bulls Eye Lash Applicator (picked up during the VIB sale); I like the clear glue because you can be messier with it - it won't be as obvious. The applicator didn't exactly make magic happen, but I felt better about it because I wasn't wielding scarily pointed tweezers around my eyes. It took a few tries, but I think I'm okay at using it now. In the past, I skipped eyeliner because the lashes add enough drama, but this time, I used eyeliner as a guide for where to put the lash band, and it worked so much better. I would advise it, especially if you have a liquid liner that is thin and won't gunk up the lash band.

The Little Black Lash is nice and simple, but still adds plenty of lushness to eyes. I think it's a little harder to handle because of its sparseness - if you accidentally pull out hairs, it will be noticeable - but if you're careful, it shouldn't be a problem.
Esqido Little Black Lash pair.
Wearing Esqido Little Black Lash. The lip color is Dior Fluid Stick in Vie d'Enfer, which I probably won't wear again, ha. After I apply the lash, I gently curl my own lashes and the false lashes together. Don't put mascara on them! You definitely don't need it, anyway.
The Little Black Lash is the most comfortable, since it's the lightest, and since it's not overly dramatic, I could actually see using this one fairly often, when I just want to amp up a look.
Esqido Voila lash pair.
If you want drama, though, you'll want something on the other end of the scale, like these. Since the Voila lashes are so voluminous, instead of drowning them out with red lips, I wanted to play them up with a glowing, more neutral look, inspired by this.
Wearing the Voila lash. These are heavier than the Little Black Lash, but not uncomfortable. And they are definitely a statement lash!
ESQIDO mink lashes can be purchased on their site. They can be re-used up to 25 times (remove the glue after each use, don't apply mascara to them or abuse them!)

I think they're quite lovely, and they're perfect for the holiday season. Whether you want to go all the way glam or just want a boost to your lashes, any of the wide range will serve your purpose. I do think that they are softer and less artificial looking (in terms of material) than drugstore lashes that I've worn in the past. Soft and fluttery lashes for days!