Friday, October 10, 2014

The Ultimate Mask: Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

[Product was a PR sample.]

(We're taking a break from our lipstick run today.)
Ugh, I love Tatcha's packaging. So beautiful.

Let's address the elephant in the room, first. Yes, these masks sell as a 4-pack bundle for $95. That puts a single mask at $23.75. But! Put your eyeballs back in their sockets and hear me out.

This is the best mask I have ever put on my face.

You peel open the mask, follow the instructions (it comes double-backed and you peel off each side - sounds complicated, but it's really not; the directions are clear) and then treat yourself to a fabulous indulgence. It's cooling but feels very comfortable. After 15 minutes, I peeled it off, massaged the residue into my skin, and inspected my face. I was doubtful, yes, but that radiance cannot be denied. The next morning, it was like ZING! So smooth and plump and pretty, you guys. (Dumpling face! I always think "dumpling" when I think plump. Do not ask me why.)

The mask is made of "coconut-derived biocellulose." Biocellulose is a microbial cellulose (produced by bacteria) that is often used to dress wounds, as it can absorb a lot of water and creates a nice barrier on skin (source, source). The mask is infused with red algae, silk, ginseng, and green tea, which are much-touted in Asian skincare. I gather that the algae is for helping skin retain water (helping with firmness), as well as supplying the cooling sensation; green tea is a source of antioxidants, silk supplies proteins and amino acids, and ginseng is believed to improve skin's elasticity and barrier functions. Whether all of that happens, I cannot say. But I do like the effects of this mask.

I know it's an investment, and I was trying to think of ways to justify it. I would say, before an event (make sure you test it once first, though!) would be an excellent time to use one. Or, right after you return home from traveling (airplanes wreak havoc on all the faces). Or just if you have a really bad day; pop open that bottle of red wine and lay back with your mask (don't take your contacts out first, though, or else you can't do anything else for 15 minutes. Which isn't terrible, sometimes. Except when it is).

The Deep Hydration Lifting Mask can be found on Tatcha's website, here (full list of ingredients is also available there, hurray, Tatcha!). While you're there, scope out one of my other favorites - the Rice Enzyme Powder, which also comes in adorable mini sizes and different formulations to suit different skin types (I use the Gentle version, for dry skin). Personally, I've got my eye on the gorgeous little travel kit, which is a great way to try out new things.

Have you tried Tatcha before? What are your favorite masks, and when do you use them?