Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rebel's Smoother Sister: MAC Fashion Revival (Matte Lip Collection)

[Product was purchased by me.]

Ah, another MAC The Matte Lip Collection lipstick; (I also bought Pander Me and Living Legend). I originally wanted Fashion Revival too, but when blog posts surfaced, I decided that it wasn't matte enough and passed. Then I went to a counter, and finally decided to buy it after all. Yeah, yeah, no one cares, Larie, PHOTOS.

It's a deep berry. I know everyone loves Rebel, and I planned to get it, but swatched side by side...I preferred Fashion Revival. The difference in finish is everything. Rebel looks like an Amplified to me (and kind of feels like one), even though it's a Satin finish. DOWN WITH THE AMPLIFIEDS.
MAC Fashion Revival on lips, Shiseido Beach Grass on eyes. I, uh, don't remember what blush that is. 

I don't really own many in this color family, so here, my pathetic comparison shot. Seriously. That's all I had that was similar. And they're not, really. Point, Larie.
L-R: Marcelle Cleopatra, YSL Forbidden Burgundy, MAC Fashion Revival, Maybelline Divine Wine.

Marcelle Cleopatra isn't even close, but I threw it in there for pinkness. YSL Forbidden Burgundy is glossy and creamier and brighter (and lately YSL lip products make my lips tingle oddly, so I think I'm ditching it soon), and Maybelline Divine Wine is redder.
It is a bit dry, but it is a matte. So, kind of goes with the territory. This is after a few hours of wear.

It's also the lipstick I wore in the FASHUN post. I really like it. BERRY MUCH.

Okay, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Bad puns are inexcusable. BUT if you don't have Rebel yet and like the idea of a matte version, this one is still available! I have one more matte to show (Living Legend), but I want to know if anyone is rocking Styled in Sepia - it's so cool, but I could never pull it off. Did you pick anything up from the matte collection? 

(Have you entered my Mont Bleu giveaway? You should.)