Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back to MAC: Dubonnet, an Everyday Red

[Product was received via the MAC recycling program, Back to MAC. Products * were gifts.]

You see what I did there? Eh? Eh?

Told you I was doing lipsticks this month.

I came up with six empty/used things and happily went over to MAC to exchange them for a new lipstick. I had lofty ideas of getting something new or different, like MAC Media or Velvet Teddy or the ever-popular Rebel. I made some progress, ending up with a hand of swatches, but nothing really called out to me. The friendly SA wandered over and got excited when I said I was going to Back to MAC something, and looked at some of my swatches; he asked if I was looking for a particular shade, and I just flailed a bit. So then he pulled out Dubonnet and I tried it on, and there went all thought of trying something berry or nude or new. IT'S RED. GIMME.
Wearing MAC Dubonnet. Blush is MAC Stratus, eyes are Laura Mercier Amethyst + MAC Moleskin*. Also, do you see Dennison?

It's a darker, warm brick red, sort of like NARS Mascate but not matte. It's an Amplified finish, which I typically don't like, but this one works for me - it doesn't have that retro, heavy cream texture and sits more comfortably on lips. Kind of Glaze-y. I think it is perfect for autumn, but it does nicely in the summer, as well. It's red without looking like I got dressed up for date night - an everyday red, if you will. (Don't look at me like that, it's a thing).

I mean, I'm comfortable wearing reds daily, but Lady Danger is a whole different game.
L-R: Shiseido BR616*, Laura Mercier Mink, NARS Mascate, MAC Runaway Red, MAC Dubonnet, Armani 609.

Ack, what do you mean, "But Larie, you already have so many similar shades?" Who are you, my mother? I thought we were friends.

Solidarity, folks. We're lipstick fiends (or Bandits), here. I think this one is good for autumn; I know brown is an unpopular shade, but it does help to tone down red and make it a bit less GLAM BAM and a bit more "Oh, this old thang? I've had it for years."

What's your everyday red?