Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn 2014 Lip Love: Lipstick and Glosses

Everybody loves a good roundup, right? This is my autumn lipstick (and lip gloss!) game. (For fun, you can see my winter, spring, and summer ones!)

I'm normally about reds, but this year I'm exploring berries in a berry big way.

(Oh c'mon, like you wouldn't have done it.)

Also, mattes. I'm matte about 'em.

(Forgive me. I can't stop.)

Here we go: the autumn fab five in lipsticks.
Yes, I have the swatching skills of a lazy toddler.
Amorous, MAC Fashion Revival, Maybelline Divine Wine, Armani 609, MAC Living Legend.

MAC Amorous - super awesome dusty plum in a satin finish.

MAC Fashion Revival matte version of Rebel; deep berry.

Maybelline Divine Wine - drugstore gem. Dark red (more cabernet than merlot) with an interesting blue sheen.

Rouge d'Armani 609 - I pull this out when I'm feeling dangerous. It's so sexy. Deepest, glossy brown-red in a gel-esque formula.

MAC Living Legend - More purple and more matte than Rouge d'Armani 609. It is dramatic. I will try to review it soon, but I've had a cold and then my eyeball wasn't cooperating (couldn't wear contacts and vampy lipstick + glasses is interesting).

And now, in lip gloss.
L-R: Shu Uemura CR 30 G, Dior Enchanted Rose (LE holiday 2013), Maybelline Nude Illusion, Dior Etoilée.

For these, I usually stick to the opposite end of the color spectrum - I like lighter, nude lip glosses (although I own some vampies), and I don't object to sparkles, although having some sparkle-free options is also good. Are you amazed to see zero orange ones? Me, too. Just haven't been feeling them lately!

Shu Uemura CR 30 G - I only have a deluxe sample of this that was a GWP, but I would buy a full size (I'm almost done with the little tube). It's stickier than the Dior formula, but I like how comfortable it is; it adheres to lips and creates that cushiony feeling. Plus, this one is so pretty. It's a sheer coral with glitter.

Dior Enchanted Rose - my favorite of the four that I currently have. It's a great nude with gold sparkle. It was LE but I think there are a few in the permanent line that are similar, and the Dior lipgloss formula is my all-time favorite.

Maybelline Nude Illusion - perfect glossy nude with no sparkle or shimmer.

Dior Etoilée - gift from my brother, who checks out my wishlist and knows I like Dior lipgloss, ha. It's clear with cool multi-colored sparkle, so it works well when I don't want any additional color and want to tone down warmth in a look.
I fiddled with the color a bit, but LOOK at that sparkle. Ah, so pretty.

Speaking of Dior glosses, I have to pick up that gold one from this holiday's collection - hopefully the counters have some left when I get to Seattle. I also need to check out the NARS Audacious suckers and maybe also Givenchy.

What autumn-esque lipsticks and glosses have you been reaching for ?