Friday, September 19, 2014

FOTD: Coz Glitter Makes You Look Like a Fairy

So says Rae. Which got me thinking that I should give the glitter shades in my Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla palette another go.
Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla, which was an LE palette.
I tried the gold glitter shade once (here) and was rather indifferent; I felt like I was subjected to glitter particles in my eyeballs all day (I wasn't really), and wasn't impressed with how it looked. The Shu Uemura glitter shadows are like glitter topcoats for nails - flakie ones, though they are not holographic. They actually adhere pretty well to a base and provide lots of sparkle.

I decided to use the green glitter shade this time, and instead of layering it over a similar color, I patted it over a base of the Laura Mercier Amethyst Caviar Stick. I liked the contrast.

Other makeup worn:
MAC Lingering + MAC Brow Finisher
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW25)
MAC Mineralize Concealer (NC20)
MAC Whisper of Gilt (LE)
MAC Stratus (LE)
Dior Pisanelle Pink Rouge Dior (dc)
Eyeko Alexa Chung Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner

Then I put Dior's Addict Gloss in Étoilée on top of my lipstick, because it is also glittery and we might as well.

Sparklies. Ooooooh.

But I don't know if I feel like a fairy.

Maybe more like a...Slytherin?
Yep. I'm a geek. But you already knew that. And this hoodie is comfy. Although I wish I had a Ravenclaw one. That's probably more my speed.

How do you feel about glitter eye shadow? Although I don't feel they are must-haves (glitter is polarizing), if you want glitter, Shu Uemura makes some nice ones. I feel like I should experiment with more color combinations.