Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Chat About: Hair (Lazy People Style)

Yes, I've been in a boring, functional mood, lately. Why?

(Also. Confrontational. Pugnacious, even. Ha.)

I like short hair. It's easy to maintain and I don't have to brush it, it doesn't tangle (ugh, tangles, why), doesn't fill the floors, and air dries pretty quickly.

I have thicker, pretty resilient hair that tends to fluff up when it's short and becomes wavier as it gets long (which it is no longer allowed to do, ha). I usually shower at night, and try to give myself enough time to let my hair air dry before I go to bed. I have never in my life owned a blow dryer or a straightener. Here, you may take my girl card.

However, with short hair, you can't ever resort to a hide-it-all ponytail, so I do use product to tame fluff and frizz. 
These are the four things I actually use - not all at once and not all the time, because, you know, lazy. The Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother ($24) is the only one I use daily; I run it through post-shower wet hair with fingers to encourage my hair to be sleeker and less mushroom-head in the morning. Then I let it air dry.
He is adorable, but a style icon he is not. Mushroom head must be avoided at all cost.
IF I do go to bed with wet hair, though, in the morning, it's still all creased and sticks out in every direction and S. cheerfully tries to tell me it looks "fine." LIAR. MEDUSA IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. In that case, I'll run a tiny bit of Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil ($25, a bottle lasts forever) through my hair, near the root where it puffs up (like rice cereal. Like pomeranians. Not cool), and then comb my hair out so it stays mostly flat. Hair is nice and shiny afterward, never greasy. Also, it smells good. Thumbs up.
Bernini's "Medusa." Also not a strived-for look.
The last two products are also Alterna; one is the Dry Oil Mist version of the Bamboo Oil - it was part of a Sephora GWP. I like it about the same as the treatment oil version, although the latter can double as a hair mask (which I try to do...not as often as I should). If you have finer hair, I think the mist is probably better as you can get a lighter overall distribution by spraying versus using your fingers.

Finally, there is the Alterna Bamboo Volume 48-Hour Sustainable Volume Hair Spray ($10) - (why do we have to repeat words in a name?). I know I said excessive volume is usually the problem, but on occasion (phase of the moon, whatever), I do end up with flathead hair. So I flip my hair over, spritz, fluff up, and carry on. I also used this when I had longer hair, and it helped with limpness. It's not sticky or crunchy and smells better than hairspray usually does.

VoilĂ ! Lazy people hair stuff. Do you fuss around with hair products? What are your favorites?