Thursday, August 14, 2014

Let's Chat About: Eye Creams

Let's talk about eye creams.

Some people don't use 'em, some people must have them. I fall into the latter group. Generally, I feel that the point is ingredient concentration. Skin can only absorb so much, and rather than layer on facial moisturizers on the delicate eye area to try to achieve some effect, I'd rather just pick up a targeted treatment. If you're one of those lucky people who have no undereye issues...*twitch.* Go away. We'll be friends again tomorrow.
Eye creams
Various eye creams I've tried, either in full or deluxe sample size.
I've been using various eye creams (gels, whatever) for about half a dozen years. I have dry skindark circles and puffiness (thanks, dad, since mom insists I could not have inherited anything so aesthetically unpleasing from her) and I like to mitigate all as much as can reasonably be expected. When something isn't working, I can always tell (when looking through FOTD photos, ha. Benefits of a blog). I've found some that I like, though, so I thought I'd share.

Typically, I use two different products with specific purposes.
For night, I need something to prevent puffiness in the morning. Also, I can't evaluate any anti-aging claims on a reasonable time frame, but I like having anti-aging ingredients in my nighttime product, as well. I don't mind if it's tacky, because I'm going to bed. My favorites are Ole Henriksen Eye Lift Gel (I've only tried the old formulation, and will have to repurchase the new one the next go around), and Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye (have gone through a tube of this and would repurchase). The Ole Henriksen does leave the skin noticeably tacky afterward, the Kiehls doesn't. Both combat puffiness. I've also used and liked Philosophy's retinol eye cream, but it kind of stings, so I if I bought a full size, I would probably only use it once a week or so.
In the morning, I aim to use concealer to counter under-eye circles, so my aims with eye cream are to hydrate the area and prep for makeup - it can't flake or pill off. Currently I'm alternating between Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Moisture Eye Balm and Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream. The first is the most insanely moisturizing thing ever, but it does leave the area oily and can make some of my liners run. I also wonder about the lavender oil to the eye. The other one I use in the AM is the Shiseido; it's not advertised as hydrating, and even though it doesn't leave the skin feeling particularly wet or moisturized, the area doesn't feel dry, either, and it contains light-reflecting pigments that help with the dark circle problem. It also makes the undereye area smoooooooth, and concealer goes over it so nicely. I like.

Are you one of the lucky, bright-eyed and bushy tailed? Or do you use eye treatments? What are your favorites?